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Zeno Clash II review. VIITCHA in association with ZoominGames presents a review of Zeno Clash II for PC developed by ACE and published by ATLUS.

Zeno Clash II, like its predecessor, is completely and totally absurd. It’s the kind of game where a two-headed baboon is mounted on a giant buzzard that vomits fireballs while laser beams chase you across a giant bridge. Yeah, it’s that kind of spontaneous absurdity that holds this brawler together to push you through the 8 hour campaign.

The story, well, it’s all quite interesting and I was satisfied with the ending, if not for the fact that it left me wanting more. That being said, Zeno Clash II doesn’t overstay its welcome and it lasts just about as long as it can without the combat becoming too repetitive.

In the end, this second chapter of Ghat’s journey through Zenozoink is enjoyable, even more-so if you enjoyed the first Zeno Clash.

This video review features video gameplay footage of Zeno Clash II for PC and audio commentary…


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