Xbox 360 Quick Charge Kit

Here is the review for the Xbox 360 Quick Charge Kit. Charges two rechargable battery packs for the Xbox 360 wireless controllers. Time to fully charge is approx 3 hours.


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19 thoughts on “Xbox 360 Quick Charge Kit”

  1. Lawrence H says:

    How do I open this sucker? The light turns green for a second and then turns off, and I want to fix it.

  2. What happens if the light is red then turns green and then turns off and continues to do that? Someone plz help

  3. using the cord one while charging kills the battery i had them they no longer held charge when using it while plugged in if you have the wire charger dont use it while plugged in

  4. Sizor Gaming says:

    i have a black one and it comed with two charging packs cool

  5. what happens if the lights on it don't light up

  6. Tyrone White says:

    We're to get that at and how much dose it cost

  7. Frosty Burns says:

    why is mine always green light

  8. i have a black one but does it have auto shut off?

  9. Lucas Walker says:

    One little wire get over it play and charge all the way 'play and charge' not oops I forgot to put the spare battery on charge now I have to cry I should of just got a play and charge kit for way cheaper and deal with a wire for a while

  10. ziher123 says:

    bad design, you should be able to charge without taking off battery

  11. Take1 Films says:

    My batteries get warm is this normal?

  12. Because he is a time traveler

  13. oh,so in 2007 there are still old classic computers?and you're calling me a dumbass.

  14. Bullshit this shit broke on me.. Seriously idk wtf happened just one night i put the packs to recharge and when i played the next day i turned on my controller and it disconnected after a few minutes then i trie the other pack and same thing later on i had to do some sorta trick with the damn thing like snap on the packs at the same time for it to charge but then it just stopped working completely

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