Xbox 360 Elite 120GB (2009 – 2010) Vs Xbox 250GB (2011)

Just a simple, but very short mighty pack comparison video on both consoles. I hope you enjoyed and hope this helped you guys out.

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20 thoughts on “Xbox 360 Elite 120GB (2009 – 2010) Vs Xbox 250GB (2011)”

  1. Steve Pearce says:

    no it has the red ring of death

  2. i enjoy the xbox 360 elite 120 GB had it for awhile great console!!

  3. DOLYNHU says:

    i have an xbox 360 elite i get my xbox in 2012

  4. does the elite get the red ring of death

  5. Karizuki A says:

    are the games of xbox 360 Slim are the same and compatible withe X360 Elite

  6. is Xbox360 Elite With mod Menü For GTA 5 ?

  7. Samir N says:

    And the F stands for: Fuck Sony. The ps fanboys should change their desicion or at least look at the real champ before they decide and xbox is also pc compatible

  8. Samir N says:

    Playstation is the worst console eveerrrrrr like people underestimate microsoft really I played on both consoles and out of Xbox gets a perfect A+ while the ps3 gets an F

  9. oreos98 says:

    The elite looks so BRUTAL m/

  10. this video was uploaded when i was 3

  11. BULExT1GER says:

    i have the pro the big fat white one all the way till 2009 it still works but xbox live for it is going down in 2016

  12. TheFly212 says:

    I still have my original elite. Great console, still use it to this day even tho I have an XB1 and PS4. The 360 was awesome, I think it will go down as Xboxes best console.

  13. Why do they call those things that looks like the future motherboards there not mothers

  14. vito steven says:

    Nice console, I have one in my house…. 

  15. josh says:

    I found one of these with Gta 5, Black Ops 2, and Battlefield 4, with 6 months of online a Mic and 2 controllers, for $85 on Kijiji (Canaidan version of eBay) should I get it?

  16. CPU says:

    The elite looks nicer but thats just me…

  17. I have a 2009 Xbox 360 Elite 120 GB and I say, is the most complete console that Microsoft has ever released, coming with HDMI, S-Video Cable, Headset official black elite (cheap stuff) and even a cable adapter optical/RCA audio , and two simple games (Lego Batman and Pure). pity not have Wi fi built in, as it appears to be more resistant than the Slim models.Sorry for my bad english.

  18. everyone people is bad in america because they always speaking bad words and have a sin to god..very bad.go to church and sorry to god i don't like to go in america because many bully in school.But i will choose xbox 360 slim……….

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