Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego? – PC Game Review – brutalmoose

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Ian tracks down thieves in this review of Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego?
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20 thoughts on “Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego? – PC Game Review – brutalmoose”

  1. Potato Joe says:

    Deluxe 3 is the kidpix i had in my computer lab at school.

  2. Ellie F says:

    ClueFinders had geography, too, as one of its multiple subjects (ClueFinders covering Maths, History, Reading, Geography, and Science that I can recall for certain). I loved the hell out of those games as a kid, and I'd like to see what you have to say about them, Ian. There's four main games- 3rd Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade, and 6th Grade, and then a bunch of sub-games that got more in-depth with Reading and Maths.

  3. Did you just make a Prozzak joke? I love you.

  4. Siena H says:

    The beginning was a huge blast from the past. I remember whenever we went to the computer lab, we always had a few minutes after our work to do what we wanted. Most of us went of Kidz Pix,cause that shit was bomb af as a little kid. Everyone loved Kidz Pix so much, and I don't know a single kid who would dare say that they don't like it. We also had Where In The World is Carmen Sandiago too, but everyone is too focused playing Kidz Pix to really play it, although I remember I occasionally played it.

  5. jp2nyy says:

    how did you install it?

  6. Joemoebob! says:

    1:22 You're garbage, you hear me? GARBAGE.

  7. Slayer Jim says:

    That Kidpix joke earned this video a like. I had that same experience

  8. Feawyn says:

    I never had a book fair, but we had a bus that drove around. It was practically the same thing. I kinda miss the bus mobile. I don't know if any other places had one, but it was cool as shit.

  9. I just got a yogscast book from my school's most recent book fair

  10. Gamer Player says:

    good god back in my elementary kid pix deluxe 3 was the shit

  11. Gamer 109769 says:

    Wait you can travel to Rhode Island?! This is the perfect game

  12. Kael M says:

    Kid Pix was the best.

  13. LRWS says:

    "Get a Clue." Love that song.

  14. Puns and Alliteration: THE GAME!

  15. Apucchi says:

    Where in the world is carmen sandiego should be ur next game cause holy shit that game is so fuckin good

  16. Apucchi says:


  17. You're a Yu-Gi-Oh fan? Nice.

  18. Deus Morris says:

    T U N A N O O D L E

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