What is Reus? – IGN Plays

It feels a bit like Black and White, and so far we’re loving this indie-developed god game.

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20 thoughts on “What is Reus? – IGN Plays”

  1. damn that one commentator is too annoying im out

  2. Why everyone say this wrong you say it roes but it is Reus how did I know this? Im dutch

  3. +IamMirezNL If you didn't already know, it's on Mac via Steam!
    All I have right now is a Macbook pro and I don't want to deal with installing windows. So glad it's on Steamplay!

  4. [T]/ Praise the tomato crab!

  5. Victor Fdz says:

    The best dortmund player!

  6. Reus means giant in dutch

  7. Sticksanity says:

    The solution is simple: don't get a mac.

  8. Templar-kun says:

    Giant enemy crab!

  9. Geen naam says:

    Reus= Giant  (its a dutch game creater)

  10. Krystalred7 says:

    Praise the tomato crab

  11. Krystalred7 says:

    stupid autocorrect

  12. Krystalred7 says:

    praise theromato crab

  13. IamMirezNL says:

    so sad this game isn't for mac :(

  14. i want "Praise the tomato crab!" on a T-shirt

  15. bertersfd says:

    It's a dutch name. Would be directly translated into giant.

  16. reus is a sweatfest player in fifa 13

  17. Wesley Jones says:

    4 bucks on gmg right now with the digital download coupon

  18. wow, great game concept

  19. deptymaddog5 says:

    realy love this game

  20. madcow BRO says:

    Oh really smart one?

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