Wet Review (Xbox 360)

This is an in-depth review of Wet for Xbox 360, by Artificial Mind and Movement/Bethesda Softworks. It’s a Third-Person Shooter with non-stop action, grindhouse feel, and crazy soundtrack to go along with it. Rubi Malone is a mercenary/bounty hunter who is betrayed, causing her to go on a bloody path of destruction as she aims to make the person responsible pay dearly for crossing her.

Is all of the flipping around, slashing and shooting, and absolute insanity as fun as it sounds, or is it an experience that gets stale very quickly? Find out, in this Amazingly Average Game Review of Wet…


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3 thoughts on “Wet Review (Xbox 360)”

  1. Daegon120 says:

    You should review Heavenly Sword or just play it if you liked this game.

  2. Stagortron says:

    solid review dude, I loveeee this game definitely think its underrated and deserves a sequel or a spiritual successor but I find that highly doubtful 

  3. WiseNate says:

    This is too violent…can't you review family friendly games???

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