Video Game Reviews Need To Change

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Article Source: Joystiq isn’t scoring reviews anymore, and here’s why
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9 thoughts on “Video Game Reviews Need To Change”

  1. You deserve so much more views

  2. Izac Lakey says:

    I agree with everything you just said.

  3. what point are you trying to make in this video? Your desired 'future of video game reviews' has already happened. If you look around, the majority of video game reviews on the internet ARE video reviews. You act like its the next big thing. The people that make video reviews do a great job breaking down the game they're reviewing, and giving the viewer the adequate amount of information that can ultimately dictate whether they should buy the game or not. You claim that they don't provide enough details in their reviews. What exactly are they missing? the purpose of a review is to REVIEW the game, not showboat the gameplay. If you're looking for that, then you should just watch a playthrough or something. 

    also, on a personal note, around the 1:00 mark, you admit to skipping the review part and going straight to the rating. Then, around 7:30, you completely contradict that statement. That frankly annoyed me a little. If you're going make this into a big deal, you should write a script first instead of randomly spewing out whatever bullshit comes to your head. If you do that, it may add a little more professionalism to your channel. 

  4. Nice video, I just noticed that at the end watch the next video is spelled as "whatch the next video"

  5. ForestFairy1 says:

    I don't go off of reviews. There are some games I own that have gotten bad reviews that I've loved. Really I only go look for reviews when I'm on a fence about a game to start with. But when thats the case I wait for the game to be out for awhile and watch some gameplay and listen to the person whos playing. Mostly seeing the game in action is what settles me getting it. However I'm one of these people who goes into a store and just buys a game that looks interesting. I get some really great games that way that I would of missed otherwise. And luckily for me I can count on one hand the number of bad games I've gotten a hold of.

  6. i completely agree and couldn't have said it better myself. Also i cant get onto PSN it keeps saying under maintenance….. how about you? 

  7. Nice video, Post some more gameplay including friends please!

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