Ultra Street Fighter II – REVIEW (Nintendo Switch)

Does Ultra Street Fighter II do the series justice on Nintendo Switch? Find out in our review that covers almost everything including new characters like Violent Ken & Evil Ryu, New & Classic Graphic modes, gameplay, and other bonuses such as the Art Book! All this and more in our in-depth review of Ultra Street Fighter II!
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20 thoughts on “Ultra Street Fighter II – REVIEW (Nintendo Switch)”

  1. scir 91 says:

    they should bring x-men vs. street fighter or marvel vs. capcom 2 to this system. sf2 classic is good but the vs. series is better for casual fun gamers

  2. This is worth $10.00 buck not $60.00 dollars here in Australia

  3. Jesus Zamora says:

    Wait, they made a new remix set for this game and didn't use the HDR tracks? Interesting…

    And yeah, the game looks like a pretty quick and dirty release.

  4. Andrea Rovai says:

    Is Violent Ken too powerful?

  5. k3ntris says:

    I was going to say, I REALLY don't like the HD Remix graphic sprites – too cell shaded for my liking, but it's nice to know the option to switch back to the pixelated glory that I grew up loving is available! Think this is a buy for me since it's around £10-£20 here in Hong Kong!

  6. Derek Moore says:

    It's too bad this isn't available for PC, or PS4.. I'm outta luck.

  7. Sharkram 123 says:

    you are wrong you could cange the colers in the other street fighter hahahahaha

  8. ncshuriken says:

    Coming next month is gonna be "Ultra Street Fighter 2: Turbo" for £40. Then 2 months after that "Ultra Street Fighter 2: Turbo EX" for £40, then "Ultimate Ultra Street Fighter 2: Turbo Ultimatum Edition" for a bargain at £45, finally followed by "Ultimate Ultra Street Fighter 2: Turbo Legendary EX Arcade Alpha Fuck Yourself up the Chocolate Doughnut you shysty cunts Collectors Edition for the last fucking time" for £50 in a steel who gives a fuck case.

  9. kurthelborn says:

    Looks like a fun remake but there's no way I'm paying £35 for it 😀

  10. Street Fighter V is also on PC…

  11. hd remix wad 15 bucks when it came out 8 years ago…

  12. The online gameplay is the highlight of the game!

  13. I like this game but I don't consider it the best version of SF2. The Anniversary collection on ps2/Xbox is much better.

  14. Can you play this handheld mode or do you have to use controller or one joy stick

  15. David Avila says:

    This game is a no go for me, thank God YouTube exists!

  16. people are complaining how the game is $40 when other games cost just as much or more…I'm done

  17. I just wish they made a remake of the Alpha series with that level of quality!

  18. Moshugaani says:

    What the heck. I was expecting $20 price tag… what on Earth are they thinking… Is it that expensive to publish a game on Switch?

  19. $40 is too much for this, but I still bought it and I really enjoy this game.

  20. Taylor S says:

    It's Ryu not Reeyu

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