TRG Retro Reviews – Brick Game (9999 in 1)

And now, for something completely different from MS-DOS games! A cheap video game console!

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Recorded on:
Microphone: Samson C01u
CPU: Intel i5-4670k @ 3.40GHz
RAM: 8GB DDR3 1333MHz Kingston HyperX Blu
Motherboard: Gigabyte Z87-DS3H
GPU: Gigabyte NVIDIA Geforce GTX 770 4GB


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19 thoughts on “TRG Retro Reviews – Brick Game (9999 in 1)”

  1. Amonimus says:

    Nostalgia Orgasm

  2. thats the cheap version. i have a slikely expensive one. but its dissamw. unfortunately its gone.

  3. i used to have that! i miss those!

  4. MrJ0mmy says:

    i had a brick game when i was a kid like 7 years old they where so cheap $20nzd back then now days you can get them for as low as $2nzd i own a couple of them and they are really fun only good for like 10mins 15mins or so then get a little boring

  5. pokeblink says:

    This is the poorman's way to survive of video games

  6. InStars says:

    just ordered one for 1$ for nostalgia 😛

  7. i have the green one also mine is super…….whatever that means……

  8. Still have mine, give cheap a decade and it becomes Retro. lol

  9. Isaac Adam says:

    I own several when I was a kid too. They unfortunately don't last long.

  10. djianRX says:

    The main disadvantage of that brick game E-9999 in 1 is not increasing the speed with scores automatically so it is a classic design casing just like brick game consoles from the 90's (ex. Brick Game 2 in 1). Unlike modern brick game consoles, all retro brick game consoles (classic design or other design casing) can increase the speed with scores automatically.

  11. R. F. R. says:

    I had one of these when I was small. I hated it ^^

  12. The M says:

    that was my first device, and I have the back one

  13. tetris verde 07.09.2016

  14. adelina cristea like și maria duda dislike

  15. I just found one in a tech disposal bin today, I am one lucky boy

  16. ivan kvascev says:

    great video, you should do more of these gadgets reviews 😀

  17. Pasiasty says:

    Last time i played this piece of shit..i was a king of my pre school 😀

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