Transformers: War For Cybertron (PS3) Review

Transformers War For Cyberton Review! Does this game have the Touch? Watch the Review I did for GottGame to find out!

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20 thoughts on “Transformers: War For Cybertron (PS3) Review”

  1. I liked the lack of duck and cover. And you can still use the debris as a shield

  2. I want the gam I got Transformers fall of C.

  3. One of the best transformers games out there

  4. Sandy Ashmay says:

    In War For Cybertron its like the Autobots weren't prepared for war.

  5. MrStark899 says:

    look bro

    ITS OVER 9000

  6. you just can't give it a nine

  7. Jakitron says:

    stop rustling my jimmies game reviewer! his name is SOUNDwave not SHOCKwave!

  8. The touch by Stan Bush great song it was used awesomely in The Transformers movie

  9. SUPER AUSTIN says:

    my fav Transformers series is transformers animated

  10. Jonoo V says:

    Buying this on steam for 5 bux

  11. Manny Casey says:

    ur best review ever!!! besisdes ac

  12. Chris Dots says:

    you said shockwave and an image of soundwave came up but no big deal great review

  13. The Doctor says:

    stupid that y they can transformer so they can escaoe moron

  14. Scoobs Hub says:

    Are you going to review fall of cybertron when it comes out?

  15. vadarman9906 says:

    I love the original cartoon and I love this game!

  16. VChuckShunA says:

    can someone please tell me what that song that starts playing at the end is. i really like please reply to this comment and tell me what the song is.please

  17. I bought this yesterday and you are spot on this game is totally radical! I know you like transformers a lot so i was wondering if the Japanese Headmasters series was worth watching if i liked the original cartoon.

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