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How does the 2012 remake of the sci-fi classic fare? Check out IGN’s video review.

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20 thoughts on “Total Recall Review – IGN Reviews”

  1. sabulba57 says:

    This movie is called "Total Recall" because that's what they should have done with it. The Original with Arnold Schwarzenegger was much better

  2. ojideagu says:

    You must be the only person on earth who thinks this is better than the original

  3. Albee213 says:

    I just dont get this movie, action was great, effects were great, that core crap was stupid but what made it really sucked was the ending. It was just so un-exciting. When you are watching it you are thinking the entire time he must know something really kick ass. Codes to droids? The ride was exciting but I felt like Clark Griswold when he got to Wally World and the park was closed. After reading this script why wouldnt the producer/director say there's got to be somethign better than this?

  4. Paid Shill says:

    i agreed with IGN this movie has amazing visuals but it lacks emotions.

  5. For all those people who give this movie high praise, clearly haven't seen the original

  6. T9Hitman says:

    Plus Points
    1. Colin Farrell. 2. Kate Beckinsale. 3. Jessica Biel. 4. 3 Boobs.
    Bad Points
    1. No Arny. 2. No Mars. 3. No Aliens. 4. No Point.
    Result= Director was thinking lof copying Minority Report and iRobot. The film should be called Total Retard.

  7. zatoichiXIII says:

    thats being a little rascist.

  8. i just wanted a sci fi kinda cyberpunk ambientation and it was delivered so im happy

  9. most least?? learn your english, then come

  10. Neil Gaskin says:

    Kate Beckinsale is the most least covincing action woman in movie history! (My reason in the comment below.)

  11. Neil Gaskin says:

    In most magazines i read on this Total Recall movie people are saying Kate Bekinsale kick ass i have seen the movie and watched all of kate's scenes over and over again and not once did she look tough(never looked tough)Same goes for most actresses in movies nowaday it either boobs and ass or a pretty smile or great acting but does not look like somebody tough and director's today always cast skinny thin actresses that look like they never hit a gym! So we are stuck with puny actresses.

  12. Neil Gaskin says:

    What a load of crap Colin Ferrell should of not had any problem's kicking Kate Beckinsale ass and same goes for Jessica Biel who had a fight with Kate too! I mean in movie history Kate Beckinsale is one of the most least convincing action women in movie history! She is so thin and looks skinny too but i did like Jessica Biel who looks kick ass and has a totally fit body and bringing her muscular physique from the Blade Trinity movie! A body Kate Becinsale never had and never will.

  13. Haider Anjum says:

    I personally loved it!

  14. ueberperson says:

    The movie was okay. I think people don't like the movie because it's not even close as good as the orignal. The orignal had more character development and had a better story.

  15. Colin Feral has only one facial expression throughout the entire movie

  16. reck101101 says:

    I thought it was beautiful…visually

  17. DigiTM73 says:

    It wasn't a bad movie. Just think it was too soon to do a remake. If your going to do a remake because your creative brain doesn't work then redo really old classics such as from the some of the 50's scifi.

  18. TheNinjazee says:

    wow, that was harsh!

  19. originalbode says:

    i could like this movie but it just too much computer effects that i hate so much

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