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Bloodborne OST’s
Composers: Yuka Kitamura, Tsukasa Saitoh, and Nobuyoshi Suzuki
©2015 Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Shadow Of The Colossus – The Opened Way
Composer: Kow Otani

Dark Souls – Ornistien and Smough Theme
Composer: Motoi Sakuraba


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  1. God damn that intro is cringy as fuck!

  2. nino 404 says:

    why is this video almost 40 minutes long.

  3. Koss Bastard says:

    What's the name of the song when talks about the moonlight greatsword

  4. 34:58 He all of a sudden became Tommy Wiseau.

  5. Does the burial blades scythe form have a sweet spot like the scythes in dark souls?

  6. Member Berry says:

    I want that mini gun

  7. Top ten weapons of your mom

  8. How is he doing that sort of teleport roll thing I'd love to know it looks really badass and faster then a normal roll

  9. Ciao volevo sapere secondo te qual'è l'arma più forte in assoluto del gioco. Io uso la spada della luna sacra. Volevo sapere se ce un arma ancora più forte di questa ke uso io. Grazie

  10. hmmm I see a lot of peasants in the comment section who cannot appreciate the sheer epicness of this video.

  11. Hunter's Axe isn't loved ;-;

  12. xSTR says:

    this vidio want me to get blood borne again even tho i finished the game ill get it again

  13. But seriously though with the intro, I think it would have been better if he used the saw. A weapon that nobody else used or something like that

  14. i liked the intro a lot, thought it was well done

  15. why is there resident evil 4 in the intro? 😛

  16. your intros are fucking cancer and ruined this video for me.

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