Top 10 Worst Rewards in Video Game History

We count down the top ten worst rewards in the history of video games!

Top 10 RPG Worlds

Top 10 Most Anticipated Multiplayer Games of 2017

Footage Sources:
Halo 2:
Gameboy Printer:
Mario 64:
Shadow of the Colossus:
Shadow of the Colossus:

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20 thoughts on “Top 10 Worst Rewards in Video Game History”

  1. What about the Gospel Ring from Dragon Quest VIII? You had to beat all the monsters and bosses in the game, including the end game boss, as well as the ones in the trials that are available when you beat the game. When you beat every monster in the game, you get the Gospel Ring, which prevents you getting into Random battles…but what's the point? You beat the game, and the post game trials, so really, you dont need the item, cause there isnt much of anything left to do, where you still have to roam around the world map.

  2. This channel is 10/10 IGN

  3. MagcargoMan says:

    Getting all 242 Power Stars in Super Mario Galaxy (which requires you to 100% the game twice; once in the regular game, and again as Luigi) nets you… a sparkling file select planet. Same with Galaxy 2 with the same amount of stars (although that time it was a single mode).

    Being an 100% completionist is a pain sometimes.

  4. Yea but Pokemon in the 5th gen onwards gave players Shiny charms if they completed the Pokedex

  5. the golden turd is the best reward because of how funny it is and the political social commentary it gives

  6. Nick Puig says:

    I have some of those games!!!!!! OMG I love them

  7. Scott Zhu says:

    Hestu should be 1

  8. Hestu's gift, Can you sell it?

  9. waiting for Hestu's gift

  10. Name says:

    BotW should be #1 tbh. No, it does not get a small pass because it's Nintendo, rate all games fairly please.

  11. I think that the most disappointing game reward i've personally received is the one you got from collecting all the precursor orbs in Jak and Daxter. Before collecting all of them, the heroes reach a big mysterious door at the end of the game. They're told if they want to open this door, they'll need to collect all the precursor orbs. When you FINALLY do it, the big mysterious door opens, a big white light shines on the heroes, Daxter says its beautiful, CUT TO CREDITS.

  12. Sully5246 says:

    New super Mario bros 2 when you got a million coins

  13. Who can’t believe Fallout 4 isn’t in it come on a d*mn infinite mag laser pistol you can get a different one at around level 35 to 50 witch you probably have already or a better weapon

  14. theres nothing about when you beat fallout new vegas on hardcore mode all you get is a achievement

  15. People complain about getting all 120 stars in SM64 well! If you played super mario 64 DS We has to get 180 stars! Took Forever but my 10 year old self got it eventually!

  16. nucleardubs says:

    Lame! IGN forgot GTA Vice City 100% completion and all I got was this lousy shirt reward!

  17. LSSJ Gaming says:

    Where can I find hetsu

  18. can't believe the back peddling commentary on BOTW. just admit that the reward was dumb. plain and simple.

  19. Darruler says:



  20. wantsome480 says:

    Every weapon in breath of the wild. No sense of progression in the game what so ever. Everything in the game either breaks or you cook it.

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