Top 10 Worst Cases of Padding In Video Games

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This is the video game equivalent of filling up on bread. These games have been padded out, filled up and stretched out by repeating content or forcing you to retread your steps, all in the efforts of boosting the total playtime. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Worst Cases of Padding in Video Games!

00:38 #10. The Library – “Halo Combat Evolved” (2002)
01:27 #9. Boss Rush – “Mega Man” series (19872015)
02:10 #8. Collecting Cores – “Recore” (2016)
02:59 #7. Chapter Mission Structure – “Metal Gear Solid V Phantom Pain” (2015)
03:53 #6. Do it All Over Again – “Bravely Default” (2014)
04:39 #5. Mundane Jobs – “No More Heroes” (2007)
05:29 #4. Egg Quests – “Monster Hunter”…


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20 thoughts on “Top 10 Worst Cases of Padding In Video Games”

  1. frognik79 says:

    Pretty much rage quit windwaker when I found out what I had to do.
    Also where's Ghosts 'n Goblins.

  2. Wait u have to play bravery default 2 times or 4 times till u beat it's? Fuck who has time for that I'm not a kid anymore game Devs I have things to do

  3. how dare you included the library on this list your points just ain't valid it was a great mission that scared the crap out of people. The place was over run with the flood what else would u be fighting?

  4. Mr Buckle says:

    library from halo? really? i think two betrayals map is way worse

  5. r h says:

    sitting through a todd howard speech at an E convention. (any bethesda title in the last 10 years)

  6. Bill Fox says:

    I've always considered the worst kind of padding to be the restriction on saving the game. I liked Rocket Ranger on the Amiga, but there was no save, so one small mistake could send you back to the beginning. Other games have had fixed save points, usually at places where they were the least help possible, or just after a particularly difficult section when you were very likely to die multiple times before making progress. Apart from ensuring the game takes longer to complete, there is no reason not to allow players to save when they want to.

  7. Mike Green says:

    Are you a fan of this video?? I dunno havent watched it yet jeeze

  8. Apokolyptick says:

    Yes Ive always hated the trifroce mission. Pretty sure that was dlc after the *triforce mission. Spellcheck may come in handy

  9. zlWeLsHy says:

    sorry everyone here who watches ur shit simultaneously shits on ur stuff lol. im surpised ghosts n goblins/ghouls didnt make the list

  10. skynet091287 says:

    Basicly 2/3 of Dragon Age 2!
    Going around Kirkwall and the surrounding area in chapter 1 is actually pretty enjoyable; tons of quests, enemies and pretty scenery. The problem starts when you find out that both chapter 2 and 3 makes you go around the same parts of town again and again to do every mission… Even if the tasks are different, it doesn't help that you get access to almost no new areas later in the game, and that you have pretty much seen every place in the game, if you did every quest and found every collectable in chapter 1

  11. Castlevania SoTN Inverted Castle on this list?! a FEW new enemies?! That part has tons of extra content. gtfo of here mojo your on crack. Might as well add Super Metroid then eh? U suck 😛

  12. Say negative things about Castlevania symphony of night is blasphemy.

  13. W Pr says:

    NES Mega Man 2 and 3 boss rush was actually a ton of fun 😛

  14. DrewBravos says:

    What about the Riddler collectibles in the Arkham Series?

  15. the A man says:

    you forgot Borderlands

  16. Terastas says:

    Not even an honorable mention for Ghouls 'n Ghosts?

    One more thing that should have been mentioned: The Pole Position Club in GTA: Vice City.

  17. no mention watch dogs side missions
    im not impressed

  18. MGS Peace Walker, that's all I'm saying!!

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