TOP 10 Must Play Xbox One Games!

Whoa, its been two years since the Xbox One was released! Let’s celebrate by counting down the coolest games to have come out for this epic console so far!

This is part of a trilogy of videos all about awesome current gen gaming!

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“EDM Detection Mode” Kevin MacLeod…


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20 thoughts on “TOP 10 Must Play Xbox One Games!”

  1. Jesus speak normal man. "nuumbeerr oooooonnnnneeee… I like diiiiiiccckk!!"

  2. FIFA BOY says:

    where is gears of war :4 and FIFA 17 ???

  3. SlipKnighT09 says:

    alien isolation = greatest game ever

  4. Why do you speak like thaaaaaaat??

  5. Big Willy D says:

    The way this guy finishes his sentences had me laughing at him.

  6. Remove GTA 5 it suck

  7. Laura croft I'm pretty sure it's Lara croft lol

  8. cwhip 9 says:

    am I still the only halo fan….
    …… boy cotting 343 still because of halo 5? seriously its not halo guys

  9. I'm really looking for a video game that's like god of war or like Greek mythology bosses that's really long. any suggestions

  10. AcidicButton says:

    I don't have non of these games :(

  11. killing nazi's is Always a great Time 1:44 πŸ˜‚ i like you dude

  12. Noah Garcia says:

    hold on hold on, just because Master Chief's one of the first Spartans by technicality doesn't mean the entire FIRETEAM BLUE IS!

  13. Noah Garcia says:

    And by the way if the character in Sunset Overdrive "chugged the drinks" he would become one of those gross mosters.
    Do your research retard.

  14. Noah Garcia says:

    and why is it that you exaggerate every word's ending at the end of the senteeence.

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