Top 10 Criminally Underrated Xbox One Games!

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Yah it’s great…just a shame nobody played it! These are the games that were good either sold poorly, got hammered by the reviews or simply failed to make an impact on the market, and are all definitely underrated. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Criminally Underrated Xbox One Games!

00:32 #10. “The Evil Within” (2014)
01:19 #9. “Watch Dogs” (2014)
02:09 #8. “Dying Light” (2015)
02:51 #7. “Raiden V” (2014)
03:31 #6. “Voodoo Vince Remastered” (2017)
04:18 #5. “Mad Max” (2015)
04:57 #4. “Elder Scrolls Online Tamriel Unlimited” (2015)
05:43 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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20 thoughts on “Top 10 Criminally Underrated Xbox One Games!”

  1. Ilaria S says:

    I finished mad max and it was so awesome don't know why it's on here

  2. Mad Max was a bad game, or at least to me it was underwhelming. I'll admit that the game looked beautiful and the combat is fun, but that's really it. Attempting to 100% game is really tedious, and there was not enough customisation options for the cars. Races were annoying because even with a fully maxed car handling was still bad. I could write more, but I haven't played it recently enough to point out all of it's flaws or upsides.

  3. Eric Walker says:

    most of these games are on ps4 too wtf yall cappen

  4. Zer0Diamonds says:

    Next do "Top 10 greatest Male figures that had 10 fingers"

  5. The reason so many people hated Watch Dogs is because the story kinda sucked. The game had some great gameplay but story is kinda important too.

  6. Oskand says:

    You guys should've named this video " Top ten criminally underrated games" because these games aren't Xbox One exclusive. Huh, lazy fucks

  7. Most of these games are on ps4 too you know!

  8. Forza Horizon 2

    i really like FH3 but no one talking about FH2 and that's very sad

  9. Vortex Gamer says:


  10. Dying light is a masterpiece. the only zombie game I want to replay.

  11. RuSerius says:

    "Are you a fan of this video?"
    Me:"I don't know ,I haven't watched it yet…"

  12. I lasted until Watch Dogs 😂

  13. Top 3 for me (underrated) Evil within, dying light and The Surge.

  14. Memestar says:

    Why are all those playstation fuckers here when they could be playing their "great" exclusives?

  15. How is watchdogs underrated that's my favourite game

  16. Can't believe dead rising 3 is underated it is one of the best dead rising ganes

  17. dear future watchers. This video says xbox games not xbox exclusives. look at these games and tell me if they have a copy of the games on xbox. if yes then its a xbox game. if no then there is something wrong with you.

  18. Watch Dogs was a fiasco… I have the game here in my shelf and it was by far the worst open world experience I've ever had. This is what you get when a Developer / Publisher decides to spit on you. Mad Max on the other hand was brilliant.. and I hope they will continue the saga.

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