Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands – Before You Buy

Ghost Recon Wildlands (PC, PS4, Xbox One) is the series’ first attempt at an open world battlefield. Is it worth the trip to Bolivia? Let’s talk about it.
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20 thoughts on “Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands – Before You Buy”

  1. COD GOD says:

    message me on methods of getting free stuff of amazon, I've just got this game and it comes tomorrow.

  2. scrubslover9 says:

    Rainbow six vegas 2 terrorist hunt was my shit. I feel like this game would be like that on steroids. I haven't bought though because I don't have friends who bought it or even plan to buy it. I feel like I'd end up hating it playing alone. However getting matched with randoms might be ok if it's a good community like what rainbow six had. Made a ton of friends on that game

  3. OmenOfLife says:

    do you need ps+ to play with friends? cuz i dont want to buy ps+ for just 1 game.

  4. Hashir Gamer says:

    Haha lol I'm watching this after buying the game

  5. are there still enemies after you beat the game ?

  6. happy piggy says:

    pc ghost recon happypiggy22001 skype and steam

  7. Zach Wilson says:

    This my first tom Clancys game and I love it is super fun

  8. do i need to be connected to the internet to play this bad boy solo

  9. I've played both previous ghost recons. I'm really happy for this one, however I haven't got it yet STILL, but it doesn't feel like a ghost recon game after I played the beta. I prefer the old ones, not as open and I thought they were a lot more fun. This reminds me of Just Cause 3

  10. I love your voice in this video. It makes you sound younger.

  11. can this game be played offline

  12. sour charles says:

    43 hours in this game and it's still the best thing I've played this year. …. play on Realistic difficulty with no hud it's great

  13. i have no friends to play with :( im on pc

  14. Jacy Hn says:

    Dude I Bought this Game the first day it dropped and I also played the beta it's a good game honestly I best and and gave I away I'm gonna but it and try to beat it the hard way which is turning of the gud and things like that the for these videos .

  15. I hate people like him because just because u judge a game doesn't mean that we hate the gameplay dumbass

  16. gameranx can I buy only fallen our I must buy narco road also cuz first dlc is shit man.&I don't give$$$for ballshits cuz I buy Digital everything.(NO CD).Do you know if I can buy expansion 2 only without narco road.

  17. I just bought this game 3 hours ago and it is still downloading so I'm watching

  18. Darel says:

    Can this game be played in campaign mode off line?

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