Titanfall Angry Review

Titanfall Man & Machine Tribute Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BsUi9R6V1WA

Angry Joe & Other Joe battle each other with Titans in this review of Respawn Entertainments newest FPS, Titanfall!


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20 thoughts on “Titanfall Angry Review”

  1. Shay Decker says:

    Joe I heard that there's a new game is coming out is called the evil within 2

  2. This review reminds me of some of the criticism I gave to the reboot of Twisted Metal.

  3. Epic Gunner says:

    Joe to clan group: oh shit time to get good…clan group to joe: oh shit AngryJoe, time for him to get good.

    A FAMAS fires slower than a G36

  5. Mr j says:

    Lmao crazy joe a damn fool for this one ,10:48 4HOURS!!!!!!!! Lol

  6. Ron Swanson says:

    they need to have a rematch

  7. Nicolton says:

    "Just watch them. They're on a whole 'nother level."

    *ADS's a Smart Pistol and misses every shot

  8. GreatfulGert says:

    7:06 it was physically painful to see joe use the smart pistol like this.

  9. I completely ignore series like CoD and Battlefield because there's nothing fantastical about them, I don't wanna play something that I can just watch on the news.

  10. Titan fall 2 was way better

  11. Tuke says:

    Why could joe show if hes rewieving the PC version to just show the steam or origin thumbnail and if console version then show the case it self?

  12. GFGdotexe says:

    No my military shooter is better than your military shooter you %!%# of ^#%%#

  13. Logan Oates says:

    This game was really average, Titanfall 2 improved on it so much! More titans, guns, an amazing campaign, and a ton of customization!

  14. Fabio Gross says:

    It is funny to watch this old review since overwatch got into your game of the year list having way less content (and being boring as shit) than this game.

  15. NightBot Ban says:

    So Respawn, despite mostly overwhelmingly positive reviews, actively sought out reviews like Joe's and general user feedback and improved the game massively for Titanfall 2?
    This is unlike humans.

  16. Titanfall: The game that started the death of CoD

  17. "Joe! are you dead yet??"

    "….yes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)……..no….are you?"

    lol wtf

  18. "I even forgetted to call in my titan sometimes!" Dyslexic joe strikes again

  19. HE MOANS AND MOANS ………AND MOANS there's nothing wrong with titanfall I find it really fun and enjoyable not every game is suppost to be a searous thing it's suppost to be SOMETHING TO ENJOY!!!!!!😡

  20. MynameBob jr says:

    Only thing is, and I can probably be very biased because I am, the campaign wasn't half-assed it was actually minimal due to their budget. Again, I'm very biased. I honestly love titanfall, while the campaign was weak I feel like they have something to pass. That being their budget.

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