The Prisoner’s Dilemma

The prisoners dilemma is a hypothetical game set up showing a situation where people won’t want to work together even when it’s beneficial to do so. It’s just a long way of saying people don’t like to be taken advantage of. Is often game theory 101.



Concerning “Cooperation”
Cooperation refers to cooperation between the two players. Not necessarily with outside parties like the police.


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20 thoughts on “The Prisoner’s Dilemma”

  1. Or……….call your lawyer and threaten to sue the police for manipulating you to confess to a crime you may not have done, and blackmail the police to let you go free?

  2. Labcrackle says:

    Well uh, isn't this coercion?

  3. that's a mathematical representation of what christianity is about in my eyes. Being good person, caring about others and the group even at the cost of your own good. It's sad that these days so many people leave values, and morals to pursue money, safety and own goals without thinking about others

  4. Humble Galka says:

    I did this at the exploratorium

  5. jett lax says:

    But snitches get stitches, so it's no jail time + chance of revenge

  6. I had a similar situation. Except, more people.
    Ok, it was actually hilarious, so me and 3 friends were at the cafe in my school.
    And apparently in the room next door, someone broke into the vending machineS.
    And the staff thought one of us did it. So one of my friends, ( no longer my friend ) said my buddy Lucas did it.
    So the rest of us said it was the accuser.
    He was suspended. For 2 weeks. 🙃

  7. Well Zero Escape brought me here, and now I have a deeper understanding.

  8. Sliq Ninja says:

    damn these hoes ain't loyal

  9. just plead the fifth and they cant do anything wtf

  10. Cloud Seeker says:

    I know you just skimmed over this but a reason for defecting might also be to protect yourself from the other guy. If you know he will defect you have to defect as well to save yourself.

  11. DayumAli says:

    This Place definitely needs more visibility ! +1 sub ofc

  12. No one talks about the creepy ending?

  13. what a bad and annoying video

  14. nusaindah81 says:

    so … it's a dilemma …

  15. Big Money says:

    How about help a nigga out and keep ur mouth shut, trust your nigga to do the same

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