The Most Comfortable PC Gaming Chair?

The Most Comfortable Gaming Chair?
Cougar Armor Gaming Chair Unboxing and Review (Orange)

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20 thoughts on “The Most Comfortable PC Gaming Chair?”

  1. Joshinator60 says:

    Brush he weighs more than 230. Just sayin

  2. vaxick says:

    Your panning of the back of the chair reveals the backrest to be sitting noticeably lopsided on the chair. It's not surprising given the assembly of these chairs is fairly cheap in design and is no different from a chair you'd purchase somewhere such as Office Depot, but it's something I'd take concern of as it could potentially be a point of trouble down the road.

  3. Is this a brand New company & it looks like a copy of the DX Racing chairs? I'm trying to decide which brand to roll with?

  4. Joyphal says:

    it only cost my whole apartment

  5. Chris Brown says:

    It's not made of leather you fool.

  6. I have my chair over 10 yrs n it's like brand new

  7. Scott Wiltse says:

    I'm looking for a new gaming chair so many to choose from! Don't know which one or manufacturer to go with . The chair I've been using is 14 years old and has none of the benefits of these new chairs on the market. Hmmmm vertagear ,Dx racer,Cougar, ect…

  8. 45wesker says:

    this chair vs the E-Blue Auroza X1 ?????

  9. TL;DR: 1) Chair requires a gaming desk of 27" or lower because regular office height desks of 29" are WAY too high. 2) Seat's material doesn't breathe and you will sweat after only 20-30 min it it (at 20C – can't imagine this summer at +30C what it will be like). 3) Seat is sloped toward the back and you can't adjust its tilt.

    So I'm back with my old chair…


    I was on the lookout for a new computer desk chair, but when I stumbled on your review of this one, I said to myself "why not try that kind of chair instead of those more expansive one that breaks after 18 months?". So I went to many stores and tried a few gaming chair and surprisingly, they were all comfortable when tried out. Your video was convincing enough that I ordered the Cougar because you mentioned that you didn't feel cramped in it, etc. It was very easy to assemble and the chair too is very comfortable as you mentioned … But here is my story after almost 2 weeks of using it.

    First, the chair is too low from the ground for a regular 29" desk. Even with the chair raised at its maximum height, your elbows will be LOWER then the surface, making unwanted strains on the forearms and wrists. I know gaming desk exists and they are lower by 3-4" and the chair would fit perfectly with them, but my office and work lab are all at 29" and I can't really change their heights. Strike 1.

    Second, the chair, being in simili-leather material doesn't breath at all, and after 30+ min of working/playing, you feel like you are wearing diapers. The good side is that it forces me to get up and walk a little, but I didn't buy a chair to force me out of it because it becomes too hot and sweaty. Strike 2. (Hint: That's why leather car seats have little holes in them)

    Third. I was happy when I sat in the Cougar for the first time, it felt so enveloping and supportive…. but the 'Recaro' feeling of having my hips and shoulders "maintained" in place like in my sports car of old reminded me that for long trips, those seats weren't comfortable. They were good on the track racing it through, but doing hours of less them 10mph traffic was not so pleasing (+ clutching/declutching all the time…). Strike 3.

    So, for those of you who thinks these kind of chairs are good for long hour session will be disappointed if you are like me and realized you prefer a less restrictive and cooler (less warm) chair. Don't get me wrong, the chair is as comfortable and good as it is as bad for free movement and and is very constraining in hour long sessions. The chair is also slightly slanted toward the back (you can't tilt the seat itself at a fully horizontal plane which is a big NO GO for me), so doing office work (coding, working, etc) is not a good position. For watching a movie with your back supported and head rested it is good, but I digress that these chair are good for gaming because of all these issue.

    Maybe some people are really ok will all these, but I posted this as Warning for those who like me might be thinking that a gaming chair would be the best option. Think again.

  10. I own this chair – As a 1 month user , iam 186 cm tall & 84 kilos , the main problem is the seat left & right upper legs curvatures are damn high which make friction on your thights and on prolonged usage make it uncomfortable since you cannot open your legs to a certain margin. I decreased this problem by purchasing a seat pillow that elevate my thights and reduce frictions. Otherwise , for its price, it a damn good chair very comfy for its price.

  11. Scott Guymon says:

    Why cant they sell it in all black…

  12. Jerry Man says:

    Gt omega racing has the best price/quality ratio if you ask me … atleast for the EU market.

  13. Pennywise says:

    I own a Cougar mechanical keyboard its solid especially considering it cost me $59AUS, for the price its an awesome keyboard.

    Great video Elric.

  14. Gorr66 says:

    Made in chine ? Max 70 kg …If more, it will quickly break down.

  15. Sam W says:

    It's not real leather. So how can it be high quality leather?

  16. 23Aike6 says:

    hahaha the beginning of the vid sooo entertaining

  17. Alright. You sold me.

  18. What's more comfortable? This? Or the auroza you showed awhile ago?

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