The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II – “An Unequivocal Masterpiece”

The follow up to the excellent Trails of Cold Steel is finally here…and it’s every bit the game fans were hoping for.

Mother’s Basement on the Trails setting:

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II is available for: PS3, and PS Vita.

An Explanation of my Rating System:


Deviant Art:

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20 thoughts on “The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II – “An Unequivocal Masterpiece””

  1. The hair boy. Okeh.

  2. 谢川 says:

    Nice video, I'm playing Cold Stell 1, and as a English learner I'm using your video to study English~~ like your voice.

  3. Jay Dee says:

    The game is just flat out amazing, it's so god I bought it on ps3 and vita.

  4. My sentiments exactly!

  5. I don't suppose you took inspiration from Glass Reflections by chance have you? That asked I enjoyed the first video I viewed on your channel and subbed

  6. The only major complaint I have with this game is the final dungeon. By that I mean the last dungeon of the epilogue. For a game with such strong and well thought out writing all the way through, the narrative justification for the game's final battle was….rather weak. I caught myself facepalming several times and saying to myself. "This is stupid. There's no reason to fight this guy. Why am I doing this?" Thankfully this segment has nothing to do with the core of the story at all and the rest of the story is so well done that it's easy to forgive that one narrative issue.

  7. Eviane says:

    I wouldn't compare this game to Persona 4 at all. The Trails series is in a league of it's own.

  8. I love this game and it is by far my favorite series of all time. The legend of heroes are the only games that I am willing to pay for msrp, and I cannot wait for trails in the sky the 3rd and trails of cold steel 3

  9. your mannerism and format remind me a lot of Glass Reflection.

  10. You did an excellent job outlining all of your points, a very informative and entertaining review. Happy first year of YouTube!

  11. Just watched your reviews on both this and the first game. You've convinced me to buy the games! Wonderful reviews! mashed the subscribe button with glee

  12. Avi Kumar says:

    Def one of the best RPGs ever

  13. I hope Trails of cold steel 3 comes out sooner than next year.

  14. kikich30 says:

    i lov ya u sexy beast 😛

  15. Kwun Yiu Ho says:

    Well this review got me hyped a lot more, it's finally releasing this week here in the UK and I completed the first game back in early September.

  16. Cold Steel 3 can't come soon enough.

  17. Overdrive? With Fie? I can feel the money exiting my wallet already

  18. sasuke270 13 says:

    my biggest problem with this series is no Japanese dub which cause me to sometimes fast forward through dialogue

  19. Daniel Soto says:

    Agreed. Cold Steel II is a masterpiece. It deserves 5 stars. Although the characters are not so memorable as Trails in The Sky SC and the ending left me with a bittersweet sensation. Anyway, the gameplay is superb, the story of Erebonia-Crossbell (oh my god!!) are splendid, the maquiavelic plot behind the civil war is, OMG, awesome, character development is ok (imho, in Trails in The Sky SC is a bit better), the music is really sublime and epic (except by the music in the real final boss…. it was meh). One of the BEST jrpg I ever played. Really excited with the third part!!

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