The First Pokemon Ultra Sun And Moon Global Mission Was A Failure

Like the previous Pokemon Sun and Moon versions, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon feature community challenges called Global Missions, the first of which recently concluded. Unfortunately, players weren’t anywhere close to hitting the target goal.

The first Global Mission in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon was called “Catch a lot of Pokemon,” and it tasked players around the world with a straightforward challenge: capture 10 million Pokemon across both titles in 10 days. However, players only managed to catch 5,442,088 Pokemon (via Pokemon fansite Serebii), which is only slightly more than half of the target number.

Successfully completing the Global Mission would have rewarded participants with 2,000 Festival Coins, while those with a Pokemon Global Link account would earn twice as many. As the challenge ended in failure, players who took part in the Global Mission will earn 1,000 Festival Coins instead, with Pokemon Global Link members getting 2,000.

A similar situation happened last year, when the first Global Mission in Sun and Moon also ended in failure. It also tasked players with capturing an enormous number of Pokemon–100 million of them. The second Sun and Moon Global Mission similarly failed to reach its target, though the subsequent events were much more successful.

The next Global Mission for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon begins on December 12 and is called “Have Fun Mantine Surfing.” The challenge runs until December 27, though no further details have been announced for it yet.

Meanwhile, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon’s first Online Competition, the Johto X Alola Online Competition, kicks off on December 15, with registration opening up a week prior, on December 7. The competition uses the Double Battles format and is restricted to Pokemon that can only be found in the Johto and Alola Pokedexes. Pokemon that you transfer to Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon from the classic Gold and Silver versions via Pokemon Bank are also eligible for the competition.

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