The Best PC Game of 2013: Gone Home – IGN’s Best of 2013

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20 thoughts on “The Best PC Game of 2013: Gone Home – IGN’s Best of 2013”

  1. WTF!!!Are the critics really that dumb……
    BIOSHOCK INFINITE also came the same year…
    Sure its a different game and in 2013 it must have been unique like Her Story was in 2015 but that did not make it Game OF The Year…..

  2. Worst game ever for $20 do not buy

  3. Shanz Morar says:

    Love this game. Really small game but it was perfect.  But Bioshock Infinite is number 1 for me.

  4. DaveElectric says:

     Two lesbians run off into the night. One ransacks a house and the other deserts the military. WTF!  Anyone who thinks this game has a good story is fucking insane. It is pure nihilism.

    Fucking Duke Nukem had a better story than this.

  5. KingSlump says:

    this is what happens when SJW's review Games-#Gamergate

  6. EagleEye says:

    i lost all my faith in IGN because of this

  7. I actually really liked this game I don't know how you couldn't enjoy it! maybe if you cant read  im a pretty shit speller tho and i under stood the game alright! or if you couldn't find everything then I could see why you wouldn't like it as much! but im guessing most people hate it without playing it, I hope to get more games like this! I like to play a lot of different types of games not everything has to be a shooting game for me!

  8. Khaled Salah says:


  9. Ankit Saiyan says:

    I'll only say, WTF!

  10. The Curi says:

    I wish I could dislike this video twice, god damn it! We had a lot of good games and you come to us with this overpriced game?

  11. Papers, please is a game that takes place in a bleak world, wherein you make very grey moral decisions with nebulous consequences, all through the booth of a border inspector. A game that masterfully matches it's gameplay and story together.

    Gone Home is a game about walking in a house reading notes and feeling bad for a lovesick teenager. 

  12. While I don't consider it my PC game of the year I can see how others would choose it. Those saying it is garbage probably haven't played it or are butthurt over a different game not being chosen or both. The story is fascinating and it is rather suspenseful. I did enjoy The Stanley Parable though and may have picked it over this. Not sure since my GOTY was The Last of Us and I don't compartmentalize games by their platform.

  13. TheMstdnt says:

    Much butthurt.
    CoD didn't win anything.
    Much hate.
    Everybody on goty videos.

  14. Bruce Wayne says:

    you've got to be kidding me

  15. Ben Johnson says:

    lesbians and punk rock wins over dota 2 wow

  16. This, a game? Now you're just fucking with us.

  17. NO IGN…. YOU CUNTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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