Tempest (PC): Pirate Ship Combat RPG – Is it good?

Tempest is a pirate ship combat RPG from Russian developers HeroCraft. Tempest will be a sand box/open world game, featuring co-op and PVP multiplayer but I didn’t find any of that. First Look Playlist: http://goo.gl/YgCqYn

Tempest on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/418180/

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20 thoughts on “Tempest (PC): Pirate Ship Combat RPG – Is it good?”

  1. If you want a good pirate game use pirate Caribbean hunt

  2. I don't like it when the ships are too fast… Naval action is just right that's why I feel the reality of it.

  3. This may be a casual game but with the right encouragement it could've been more . Visually  it's quite acceptable . Add some mission-ness and I'm in !


  5. It seems a game w unused potential. Its a Pirate ifiwanna brawler !

  6. This is total biscuit, WTF?

  7. Herb Cole says:

    I am looking for a pirate [older] game where u are allowed to hunt whales, sharks. and other fish using whale boats. U also have a ship that u can upgrade, fight other ships and u look for treasure. If u know of such game please email the name to me sonnycc@bellsouth.net. thank you

  8. THE CAKE says:

    you'r comments are very idiotic if u dont know shit about game

  9. Richard R says:

    pirates of the burning sea is still the best, check it out

  10. I just got this game 40 minutes in got boring very fast sadly I was hoping for a lot more and this guy should have played the tut in game it tells you everything.

  11. aop videos says:

    its confusing, waah waah waah.

  12. your voice sounds like TotalBIscuit dude!

  13. Now that the full version of the game is released, will you be making a new video about any improvements that have been made over the last several months?

  14. you can go to the game save dir. and cut/copy the save.data and move to another location or add to zip/archive and back up save games and have as many as you want, i do that with all my games – directories are usually in user/documents, user/appdata and programfiles are common locations or in the game install dir. if not the others.

  15. any pirate game where u cant capture/change ship is total shit for me, and this game is just that

  16. Play Pirates of the burning sea

  17. Dark'N'Deep says:

    I appreciate your time, effort and review which convinced me that even at its current low sale price it would be a waste of my time and money. It's a pity… the game concept is good, but poorly implemented. Thank you for the "Caveat Emptor".

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