Tales from the Borderlands PS4 Review

Tales from the Borderlands PS4 Review
Tales from the Borderlands Review
Tales from the Borderlands Playstation 4 Xbox One Steam PC Review

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5 thoughts on “Tales from the Borderlands PS4 Review”

  1. Want tales from the Borderlands?
    Support the channel and get it here!

  2. claptrap is in the game dude.

  3. Jack F says:

    one of tell tales better games how could u not like this one mannnnnn the epic music and pacing and it has tons of action and qte which add to the long dialogue tell tale is notorious for. also cl4p is in it you have to either save the girls father back in episode 1 or save up ur money to hire him before the final battle lol

  4. MajireXR says:

    My only complaint is – NOT ENOUGH HANDSOME JACK!. Seriously, I fucking love that man! Lol.

  5. Chris Co. says:

    This is literally identical to what I felt while playing this! Great review Ken!!!

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