System Review – $350 Gaming PC – Pentium G4400 – GTX 750 TI

Why did I pick the parts that I did? What options might you consider? I want to help you understand the thinking behind each of the parts so you can make more informed decisions when building your own computer.

Do you want to build a custom gaming computer for $350?
Play games at Full HD / 1080p? Then you’ve come to the right video!

Intel Pentium G4400 – Dual Core 3.3 GHz CPU
8GB System RAM
240GB Solid State Drive
NVidia GeForce GTX 750 TI Graphics Card
24x DVD-Writer
400 Watt Power Supply

Here are the parts and links to Amazon and NewEgg for each one:

– Intel Pentium G4400 3.3GHz CPU –
Amazon –
NewEgg –

– ASUS H110M-A D3 – DDR3 Version –
Amazon –
NewEgg –

– ASUS H110M-A w/M.2 – DDR4 Version –
Amazon –
NewEgg –

– 8GB RAM – DDR3-1600 – (for DDR3 motherboard)
Amazon –
NewEgg –

– 8GB…


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19 thoughts on “System Review – $350 Gaming PC – Pentium G4400 – GTX 750 TI”

  1. Can I use this one as a motherboard with 4gb ram H110MHV3 Ver. 7.x

  2. Using a Asus 110M-K MB can I use a Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1050 Ti OC Low Profile 4GB GDDR5 128 Bit PCI-E Graphic Card (GV-N105TOC-4GL). I am having no luck finding a GTX 970.
    Also you have one of the best Instructional video's i have ever seen. Thanks

  3. Sadman Huda says:

    will gtx 960 support intel r pentium r cpu g440

  4. damn you bitcoin diggers for the extinct of the GT750ti

  5. KalebGames says:

    Why is RAM so expensive nowadays?!

  6. Little did he know Intel Pentium g4560 will come out…

  7. Larry Duncan says:

    I built a similar desktop on pcpartspicker and it looks like the difference between the GTX750 and GTX1050 is around $12 or so right now, if I stuck with the G4400 CPU, would it bottleneck the GTX1050? I looked at the G4560 CPU but it said there was a compatibility issue with the Gigabyte H110M-M.2 motherboard I plan to use, it said it's because it's a Kaby Lake-S processor? I'd appreciate opinions on this!

  8. Liam Dorsey says:

    i got a Zalman Z9 neo atx case for 60$, and its alot nicer than those rosewill cases

  9. GrinGo Svinz says:

    Nice video thanks was very helpful

  10. Karan Kadam says:

    Nice explanation , your G4400 pc build up is also very good, nice budget pc to turn my TV to smart TV plus a computer

  11. PowerUpTo360 says:

    Ssd's have gotten SO MUCH MORE EXPENSIVE since this video!! A 240GB in the video costs as much as a 120GB ssd today! :(

  12. Hi, great video. Could I put a GTX 1060 3gb in this?

  13. Nirbhik Pal says:

    very informative keep up the good work

  14. If you want to get the i3, I recon the pentium g4560 is a better value.

  15. youcan play gta v in pentium g4400 fyi

  16. youmagicmerl says:

    help what monitor sould i use thats under $500

  17. Kelly Boyd says:

    Yeah…you forgot to add your OS. Unless you have a decent one that you can transfer over. Changing all the components might not let you activate your old OS (not sure about W-10, as i dislike it, and am sticking with 7 as long as possible).

  18. ABC DEF says:

    Tech Deal Guy(we should really come up with a better name) I am planning on buying an old system unit and replace the parts inside. Im thinking if I can still use the CPU fan in that old machine for my new motherboard. I think it's for the old intel core duo.

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