Syndicate – Video Review (PS3/PC/XBOX 360)

Game Overview: 0:34
Difficulty: 2:34
Time Commitment : 3:32
Continue playing? 4:26



SYNDICATE © 2012 Electronic Arts Inc. Trademarks belong to their respective owners.

Leisure Gamer Criteria:

– Little challenge to player
– Frequent save feature
– Diffcult to be defeated
– AI is easy to overpower/outsmart
– Minimal replaying when defeated

– Average amount of challenge
– Multiple levels of difficulty to select
– Less frequent save feature than “low” rating
– Moderate amount of replaying when defeated
– AI offers intermediate amount of resistance
– Situations may require the player to adjust their play style

– Greater degree of difficulty than most titles
– Strong learning curve
– Multiple levels of difficulty to select
– Infrequent save feature
– Large amount of replaying…


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