Superhot Review
Superhot PS4 Review
Super Hot Review
Superhot Xbox One Steam PC Review

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7 thoughts on “SUPERHOT PS4 Review”

  1. Want SUPERHOT?
    Support the channel and grab a PSN gift card here!

  2. Best shooting game ever

  3. David & John says:

    sick vid bro! I gave a like and if you could do the same and possibly even a sub it would mean a lot to me. :)

  4. RedFox Titan says:

    Dam this game looks BadAss

  5. Good review man, got to the point with details. However just one critique…you can kinda tell where you put your breaks in editing. Your voice trails off to a high note then to low. It got a little annoying after while. Just something to inprove upon!

  6. Temp Buckz says:

    Hi Ken Remember me I will love to get a code I’m always support the Chanel and put post Notifications on but sometimes I miss uploads I love ur vids sorry for my spelling I’m not the best

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