Super Mario Odyssey Deep Woods Live Gameplay Demo

Nintendo walks us through Mario’s adventure in the deep, dark woods.

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20 thoughts on “Super Mario Odyssey Deep Woods Live Gameplay Demo”

  1. Super Mario Galaxy 3 when

  2. it's unfortunate that the MIP has no dialogue in this game like it does in Super Mario 64 DS

  3. Maple Miles says:

    I am so hyped for this game it's 64 sunshine and the two galaxy games had a baby.

  4. I use to think Mario was rubbish but now I love it

  5. Xærel says:

    What was that background music

  6. Super Mario: Breath of the Odyssey

  7. sempre a mesma merda……

  8. People judging visuals on compressed YouTube videos always blow my mind

  9. JoJoFan93 says:

    How do you not have a gameover in a mario game?

  10. pre-order the game and you get the exclusive Slenderman mission

  11. I just realised… Mario has infinite lives in Odyssey because of all the moons he keeps collecting!

  12. Has a Mario 64 vibe

  13. Just looks boring
    Too bad most of you don't realize people have different opinions then you

  14. anyone else feel like the frame rate stinks? some of Mario's animations are so quick, that with this frame rate they look choppy.Edit: never mind, the video wasn't in 60fps. Some other gameplay vids are 60fps and it looks much smoother. After watching those videos and this one, I feel like everything requires a lot of running to get to. .lots of room.. and Mario runs crazy fast. I also wish jumping on enemies was still an option. The cap is a brilliant idea, and all the cap does.. but I feel forced into using it, similar to throwing things at enemies in Mario Bros. 2. meh. I was hoping to like this game more than I do after watching gameplay.

  15. Kalle Djärf says:

    Really thinking about buying a Nintendo Switch for this game.

  16. CaNd_ E ! says:

    I can understand the "empty" part like there are seriously very little things in this area and little to no blocks really no obsticles

  17. BozzyDawg says:

    Mario free roam with great graphics! This game looks great. I have owned pretty much every console ever made and I currently own a ps4 and a switch. My ps4 is now gathering dust. Nintendo should be praised for keeping the gaming world fresh.

  18. Bonkle says:

    Are we gonna get Luigi?

  19. YellowKabob says:

    Jeez, the movement looks really slippery

  20. Alley Day says:

    This looks like an unreal mod….

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