Still Gaming: PROTOTYPE review ( XBOX 360, PS3 )

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20 thoughts on “Still Gaming: PROTOTYPE review ( XBOX 360, PS3 )”

  1. yonathan says:

    what happened and is he still doing something I will buy it

  2. Kiwon Lee says:

    the irony of the theme son -_-

  3. omalleycox says:

    i dont know re dosent allow you yo shapeshift or free roam

  4. the pc controls arent that bad for me… XD

  5. waffleless says:

    Ah, good ol Linkara.

  6. tenkensan1 says:

    @TJ5897 PC gaming gets no respect these days :(

  7. Azuma Reiji says:

    @nickbeau1 ya it does but you can run way faster on this game that's the only upside

  8. you got another bigass sword

  9. Lol at the end. EPIC!

  10. Tarv Is says:

    You should review Prinny: Can I Be The Hero Dood?
    And the sequel. 8)

  11. Tarv Is says:

    @Cal1c0cat Super SF4

  12. HoshinoTama says:

    Whats that game behind him with the red case at 1:09?

  13. Mrcool210 says:

    i didint know about it till activison sent me a email telling me about it. got it for grading. best grading gift EVAR!!

  14. should i get this or resident evil 4 wii

  15. ZeroFang says:

    When you were talkin about the Prototype Price…..the background music was from Disgaea?

  16. this dude is the first guy to compare PROTOTYPE to The Incredible Hulk Ultimate Destruction…

    Still LOVE THEM BOTH!!!

  17. @reuisu Advanced tech can survive very long, it's just that the XBox was rushed, so they skipped making sure it had no flaws like the RRoD. Yup, to be the first console out, they totally ignored testing the console.

  18. Nice Addition with Macho Man

    Nuclear elbow drop

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