Star Trek: Bridge Crew Gameplay Showcase – IGN Live: E3 2016

The Star Trek: Bridge Crew devs talk to us about the game.

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20 thoughts on “Star Trek: Bridge Crew Gameplay Showcase – IGN Live: E3 2016”

  1. "Available for all the major VR platforms" = confirmed for Linux SteamVR / Vive!

  2. Pls tell me i dont need buy Oculus shits and another shits for i can play this whit my friends ?:/

  3. soniclore says:

    Star Trek: Bridge Commander came out over ten years ago and it's the same idea.

  4. this game looks absoloutly shit.

  5. PULSAR: LOST COLONY!!!!! could be a lot better with a team over 3

  6. The reboot films? Ugh.

  7. 3000tomas says:

    why no game on vr like elite force or mix of elite force and bridge commander ? i will not just sitting on chair i will walk i will shoot handphaser and co i will beam to planets and more

  8. Sam mainman says:

    looks nice but can I play it without a VR set

  9. IMAKE says:

    The roles look very simplistic, it's not gonna keep anyone engaged for more than 10 minuets.

  10. roel best says:

    I know startrek is all about exploring but they could make a Team Deathmatch kinda crew federation vs crew klingon ship instead of battle against AI klingons.

    Would also be fun to beam to the other ship XD but thats kinda hard since this game is based on sitting on your chair the entire time.

  11. Cringe Bot says:

    Ok NOW I'm going to buy an oculus

  12. I was expecting a lot better from that, 10 times star citizen

  13. I don't really want to be a helmsman, engineer, tactical officer, or captain. Can't I be a science officer, medical officer, or yeoman? I love star trek, but I'm not a very commanding person, nor am I useful for defense or piloting. I'd be much more comfortable in a secondary role. My favorite characters have always been the scientific ones, like Spock, Data, and seven of nine. I'd like to be in that kind of role instead.

  14. Doford says:

    Nice idea but it's too niche and simple. It's a bit of a gimmick for VR owners.

    They could make a hundred man server with a entire ship and huge amounts of story driven content and have state of the art graphics but ST:BC equates to space invaders. It looks like you're trapped in the bridge or maybe even the chair and can only press a few buttons. I would get bored of this in a day.

  15. RisenFocus says:

    In critical moments men sometimes see exactly what they wish to see

  16. Voltential says:

    Full of Crap on the Players decide, and having choices. I hope I am wrong. This is always said in games, and rarely true. The interviewer keeps bringing up combat, and how Trek is more than that, and I am with him in that regard, but the Yellow shirt is avoiding this, because he knows the game is mainly combat. You may have rescue, you may have go here, and go there, but you will have combat only. No diplomacy, no exploration, and no moral dillemas. You can bet on that. Star Citizen will do all this and more.

  17. David Smith says:

    This will fail because of their stupid insistence of making it VR. Good way to exclude 99% of your potential customers. The decision makers for this project need to be fired, they are MORONS.

  18. Dan Williams says:

    I've seen a lot of opinions on forums about aesthetics, which is one hell of a red herring. Who cares what "universe" this game is set in. What matters is gameplay. Red Storm's other VR social game with Ubi is Werewolves Within. It's a good game mostly because the gameplay is actually solid. Yes, it's also a decent-looking game with the right atmosphere and all of that, but if it wasn't actually a good game that requires some thought and planning, it wouldn't be succeeding the way it is.

    Star Trek Bridge Crew needs to be a lot more than a button-pressing simulator to succeed at all, period. If it is nothing more than a game of "learn your role and run it like clockwork," it will fail so hard so fast it will end up an embarrassment.

    My biggest questions are:

    1. Do I need to THINK to succeed.
    2. Do I need to really coordinate with the rest of the players to succeed.
    3. Will decisions really matter? Will there be a need for quick-debate over what should be done?
    4. Will opportunities arise in which a single player can come out as the laudable hero based solely on the decisions that player made — perhaps even in spite of "captain's orders"?

    How many wonderful Star Trek episodes have there been when a single character went "rogue" and ended up being applauded for it in the end, for instance? That the captain has always had to make very difficult decisions has always been very core to Star Trek, etc. If there aren't honest chances that a single player can screw up things for everyone, then there aren't opportunities for the opposite to happen, either. Both need to be possible.

    However the game looks, or what "Star Trek Universe" it exists in, stuff like this will be the game-maker or game-breaker. First and foremost it must be engaging on an intellectual level. If that doesn't come first, it isn't Star Trek.

  19. CM H says:

    Looks like crap.

  20. Alternate timeline of the reboot movies: no buy…

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