Star Citizen Review: Should You Buy It?

“Destiny 2 in a nutshell…”


Star Citizen is a crowd funded SciFi Space Simulator, that lets players fly their own ships in either battle, or in free flight. With Multiple other modules being released sometime this year and the years to come, this game will become the ultimate Space Simulation game on the market, but does its current lack of content make it a worthwhile purchase right now?


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10 thoughts on “Star Citizen Review: Should You Buy It?”

  1. Right now, yeah, yeah I would buy it. That Gamescom demo was so good I jizzed.

  2. Trev DoubleU says:

    well its now 11 months since this was uploaded so is it worth investing in this…No go spend your hard earned on something playable

  3. If anyone is interested in this game you better buy a package asap. This way you ll get Squadron 42, the first episode of a single player campaign, which will introduce players to the Star Citizen universe, for free. Otherwise, you will have to buy it separately (+50 euros), cause they will divide the packages soon. It's worth 20 hours of missions.

    You can sign up at the site. Use this code (STAR-5YTN-97DN) to get 5000 ingame credits or directly this link

  4. Cranave says:

    You wasted my time, kill yourself you boring fuck.

  5. Todd says:

    You make me fall asleep. Learn how to do a fucking game review you fat fuck. Thanks for wasting my time.

  6. Is this PTP BTP or FTP?

  7. Flakatak76 says:

    "That's not good" Lol

  8. chodenreich says:

    If anyone decides to buy this game, don't forget to use a referral code. We both get free stuff in-game! Here's mine: STAR-V4M9-3CV4

  9. Plank Tonn says:

    You have a 720P monitor.  There's nothing wrong with it.

  10. One cannot buy that is not released.

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