Splatoon 2 Review in Progress

Splatoon 2 review in progress by Brendan Graeber.

This review is in progress because we’re waiting to test out Splatoon 2’s servers in a live environment, and to try Nintendo’s new mobile app, which adds important features like voice chat. Check back after Splatoon 2 comes out on July 21 for our final review.

Splatoon 2: World 1 Boss Fight – Octo Oven

Splatoon 2 Nintendo Switch Gameplay Walkthrough – IGN Live: E3 2017

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20 thoughts on “Splatoon 2 Review in Progress”

  1. IGN says:

    This review is in progress because we're waiting to test out Splatoon 2's servers in a live environment, and to try out Nintendo's new mobile app, which adds important features like voice chat. Check back after launch on July 21 for our final review!

  2. 2:17
    about the "lobby purgatory" you can't really blame the game for this though
    I mean the game isn't out yet, it's going to take time to match you up with people when only the press and nintendo employees have access to the game at the moment.

    this should be something you address in your follow up review. I guarantee this won't be an issue when more than 50 people in the world actually have the game.

  3. Still no white color

  4. Ernestjdog says:

    Anybody looking for ppl to play with in splatoon2? Just reply and I'll tell you my friend code!

  5. NeoMusix says:

    8.3/10 Too much ink.

  6. SunnyChi says:

    Thank you for actually waiting to give this game a score once you are able to have the full experience

  7. "and that a lot of people missed it on the WiiU"

  8. Does the Japanese version play in English?

  9. VileOkami says:

    Never hear any other shooter get complained about being too similar to its predecessor…

  10. Boi Spec says:

    1:34 Is that a hero Splat Brella?

  11. theblitz233 says:

    Why would Nintendo do that? To balance the rewards and make you want to stop turf waring and ranking to check it out because it feels mmore special.

  12. When you get a splatoon 2 ad before the video

  13. Joe M says:

    You gave damn a 7 but splatoon a 2?

  14. "In many ways, Splatoon 2 feels like the first game with a new coat of paint"

    proceeds to give it a lower score than the first game

  15. Adrian St5 says:

    Dont let this distract you from the fact that IGN gave nba 2k17 a higher rating then watch dogs

  16. Alex Chilet says:

    Give it a 7.8/10 for there being too much Ink.

  17. Pindis says:

    I dont understand why they would make the co-op mode the way it is, that seems truly frustrating that a feature of a game is barred off to only a certain date and time just cause nintendo said so…

  18. "It's still not call of duty"

  19. I expected:
    Too much ink.

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