Sony’s PS Plus Line-Up is Explosive – IGN Daily Fix

We take a look a Sony’s August PS Plus lineup, as well as Nintendo’s Switch’s sales success, and Wonder Woman’s summer superhero box office takeover. Come fix it up.

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20 thoughts on “Sony’s PS Plus Line-Up is Explosive – IGN Daily Fix”

  1. CyberHax Inc says:

    Naomi better start showing up more often or else I'll stop watching Daily Fix videos. I blame the creeps who keep scaring her away with all the inappropriate comments!

  2. Igor Draco says:

    Naomi looks a little different… just saying…

  3. trilogy10100 says:

    psn price increase just announced

  4. Trap Destiny says:

    When the date upload ?

  5. Trap Destiny says:

    New platinum to have

  6. Anna Mertens says:

    Loyalty broadcast characterize addition specialize lie nail.

  7. Tay_ Ygor says:


  8. Polo Loi says:

    And just like that……… No pervy comments…… Just comments on the content……. There is a God….

  9. frohyu1 says:

    What a bad haircut

  10. I came here for the "Naomi <3" comments

  11. Kyle Crane says:

    Expect that PlayStation asia new line up for August (The best game in the line up) will be the next free game for r1 user for the month of September._.. Three consecutive months that one of the free games for r1 user was the line up a month ago for r3 user

  12. Sher Lock says:

    Just cause 3 was horrifically bad

  13. tinoushgtr says:

    Damn i bought just cause. Great month though

  14. tiburonroano says:

    Yup, not renewing my PS Plus.

  15. J&J says:

    Sony Ridiculous again, and again, and again, and again, and again…………………..

  16. Ps nailed it this month

  17. LastSon says:

    Sony finally working for that £40

  18. spider pig says:

    yess more triple A games. Good job Sony!

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