So I’ve Been Playing: WAY OF THE SAMURAI 4 [ Review PS3 ]

Way of the Samurai 4 Review by ThorHighheels
Game by Acquire / Spike Chunsoft for PC & Playstation 3

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20 thoughts on “So I’ve Been Playing: WAY OF THE SAMURAI 4 [ Review PS3 ]”

  1. WotS 3 or 4?
    I played an enjoyed a few playthhroughs of WotS 1 on PS2

  2. I have never played this game series but I will now

  3. Quin Plan says:

    Will you possible do a review on senran kagura

  4. Man I used to play the 3rd one quite a bit. I had cardboard armor. I also dodge rolled over farms to steal turnips GG

  5. what is the name of that greyish winter themed game, that has blonde woman in green jacket, at the beginning.

  6. francogamer says:

    is it just me or there's a LOT of screen tearing on this game?

  7. Lucretzia says:

    An upload from ThorHighHeels is my fetish.

  8. the names alone make this interesting

  9. The BJ theme. A classic meme. We Classic Game Room now.

  10. damn, those buttcheeks look tight

  11. Leo DS says:

    Lora Rita? Seriously? That screen tearing tho. More like screen fist fucking. What the hell.

  12. Knut Kniffte says:

    Congrats for the 3000.
    Every sunday around 18 o' cock you make me happy. :)

  13. Gilluria says:

    10/10 for the Shenmue reference

  14. Ah, another one of my favourite games of all time.
    You definetely should try WotS 3, since it's actually better. (but i still love 4 as much, i love them all)
    p.s. you can't LEGIT make out with a girl, actually. IT's a bug.

  15. this game seems stange. but in a good way

  16. Dan Shoga says:

    Nice Majima cosplay m8

  17. Eric Nick says:

    Na i like Ubisoft's open world games.

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