So I’ve Been Playing: SIREN BLOOD CURSE [ Review PS3 ]

Siren Blood Curse Review by ThorHighheels
Game by Project Siren for Playstation 3

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12 thoughts on “So I’ve Been Playing: SIREN BLOOD CURSE [ Review PS3 ]”

  1. tomme25 says:

    Impressive melee aiming there at the beginning :)

  2. Ghost Murmur says:

    I thought Fatal Frame was much scarier, but that's me. Then again I played those games in the middle of the night with the lights out and headphones on.. so

    Also I don't get me wrong, I do love the Siren series very much

  3. you should check the 2nd game.

  4. Man, fun review. I laughed. Subscribed.

  5. Really cool review. I highly appreciate the selection of games bieng reviewed. IMO SBC is some of the best SH released on last gen. But it is also really one of a kind it has to be approached in a very different way. I'd say it is very methodical one it needs patience, but once you figured how it was intented to be played, it gets fantastic. I agree wth the whole scorey / arcadey feel. Also it is so moody & atmospheric I love its universe both peaceful and oppresive.

    Cases of games today trying to bring something new to the table in term of gameplay are so scarce, it thought it needed to be pointed.

    Just wished you were sometimes less formal with games description and more into descripting its mechanics / overall design.

    You should really have a try at the latest Platinum Transformer title, behind its Bayo skin it has awesome but subtle variations that makes it so fun to play. Also more shmups please there has been a lot recently on steam like Strania, Radius etc (don't forget about Revolver 360)

    sorry for the english btw

  6. Fraki says:

    1:21 Man that gradient looks straight outta Adobe Flash

  7. Gary Morris says:

    I enjoyed this game but I hated that they broke up the gameplay with the cheap TV style flash backs "previously on" it really took my out of the game and broke the atmosphere.

    Standard cutscenes would've been fine. The game is linear for the most part but I had fun playing through it. Stealth and horror go well together and I can't believe more games don't mix those gaming styles.

    Nice early exclusive for the PS4.

  8. John Smithy says:

    I've been wanting to play this game for some time really I have to try it! You mentioned you don't find Resident Evil, Silent Hill or Fatal Frame that scary. I think the reason for that is that those games are quite combat heavy, even Silent hill despite what everyone says. Sure in Silent Hill you don't blow up monsters with rockets and grenades like in RE but you still have a machine gun and a freaking catana and you fight BOSSES and the fighting mechanics are quite serviceable and not clunky as people often say. In Fatal Frame you can defend yourself and kick ghost ass with a camera and so I think all three of them lack that sense of vulnerability that would make them truly horrifying, but in the Siren games you seem defenceless and you have to be stealthy and avoid enemies and I believe that's what makes these games scarier, anyway keep making fun vidz, happy new year!

  9. Siren Blood Clot, hahaha, fucking genius.

  10. Dee Dee says:

    You should try Kuon 😀

  11. DatOMillsGuy says:

    This video is good as fuck dud. The wait was worth it.

  12. Gary Morris says:

    Yes! Been looking forward to this video. Hope you had a good Christmas!

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