Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Review (PC) – Worthabuy?

An open world sniper fest or just another bad console port?

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20 thoughts on “Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Review (PC) – Worthabuy?”

  1. Worth A Buy says:


    Don't believe all the bad stuff on steam about this game, it is fun but it is also frustrating. It's very much an arcade game rather than a proper sniper game and for me it was too much in that direction with stupid announcements telling me a zone is clear, tagging systems (that can be turned off) perk system that has numerous Xray choices, a bland empty game world with bad voice acting and a shitty story.

    The good news is the missions are fun unless you set up a killzone for the sheep to run in too, I much prefer putting the difficulty on hard, disable all the aids and try finding the enemy before they find you or they will kill you. No health regen in this game :) It's great fun, just not worth the £40 tag.

    I have noticed other reviewers complaining about stuff that I never saw but after checking their reviews again I saw that they were playing on consoles! Does no one review PC games at all now? Both Gamespot and IGN reviewed this on console so why even bother watching them as a PC gamer? What can they tell me about this game for my PC? Nothing at all is the answer. Then I check youtube reviewers who advertise "PC review" they are all using fucking PS4 footage and complaining about stuff that is NOT in the PC version of the game. Has the entire world gone "Console"?

    So buyer beware, you may be making your PC gaming decisions based on a console gamers information.

  2. Lexumus says:

    I feel like he should add a thumb that is in the middle of a thumbs down and a thumbs up for games that are good depending on what you like

  3. redeyed mug says:

    I bought previous versions of this game. They were great! Except… First person had these great, great large maps and all.
    MP, main reason why sniper lovers buy these games, had… SMALL MAPS!!! Small, small, small, downgraded versions of the large SP maps…
    AND, above that, they added the most stupid thing imaginable in a sniper game: They added a red dot on the minimap, so that you always knew what direction enemies were. Can you imagine? Sniper games are all about trying to hide and shoot the enemy! They added a red dot! "Here they are!"…
    Ok, I understand some people maybe want to play this way.
    But several attempts to ask for a mode to be able to play WITHOUT the damn red dot, were futile.
    Now, my money goes futile as well. To other games!

  4. Michael Owen says:

    I just recently bought this game. I watched this video when it was new and in fact this is what made me want SGW3, but I decided to wait for the summer sale. At any rate, you should play it again, Mack. You can turn off everything, including tagging and the entire HUD for that matter. Play it on the 'Challenge' difficulty and you might like it more…

  5. Tom Eason says:

    This is £20 on the steam sale

  6. Bread says:

    this dude doesn't like any game, does he?

  7. daughy doc says:

    far cry with bullet cam

  8. ErnestG says:

    Mack stop hating WSAD people…

  9. balboa says:

    the game is shit, a boring repetitive garbage, just uninstalled

  10. goudie71 says:

    there is a train

  11. goudie71 says:

    he is complaining all the games watch ten videos from him and none of them what he said is good really bad some of them i agree but not all of them you might be stick with console games if you hate pc games he ever played games he like it i doubt it just saying thx for the review but every game is bad in you videos

  12. eddebrock says:

    Wait, someone explain wad to me? I get the general meaning, but what does it stand for?

  13. C-dark says:

    game HAS fov slider now.
    and has a option to turn off 'camp cleared' msgs.
    maybe they yave listned to you.
    consider a revist and thumb up the game.
    these devolopers seems to have put a step to right direction. support it. encourage them.
    these devolopers are far better than other devolopers that in cod/bf

  14. bug fighter says:

    I`m left handed and I use my right hand on the mouse.

  15. dave smith says:

    You're the only reviewer I actually believe these days.

  16. fullwerkes says:

    Mack – i would PAY as I am sure many others would for you to go E3 and tell these….these…you know…wtf.

  17. The last surviving real game review channel

  18. CJ Watson says:

    Why is TFGH better? I've never heard of that before

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