Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition Game Review (PS4, PC, Xbox One) (2014) (HD Gameplay)

Asian Donnie Brasco.

Developed & Published by Square
PS4, PC, Xbox One, Steam, PS3 (Original), Xbox 360 (Original)
Genre: City Sandbox, Open World, Beam Em Up, Crime Drama, GTA Clone


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20 thoughts on “Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition Game Review (PS4, PC, Xbox One) (2014) (HD Gameplay)”

  1. thereal o. says:

    i have the pirated version. and now the game is on sale and i already bought because this game really good as shit and so sad the sequel was cancelled.
    I'm hoping for triad wars to be continued

  2. Have you tried the Zodiac Tournament DLC ? It's really good.

  3. Joe Chalk says:

    Hey Stan, hate to say it but I told you so! I don't know if you remember but you told me Mayweather v McGregor would never happen and it's official now!

  4. melainakiss says:

    I kinda like the story and the strategy involved in this game but I would rather see it as a movie and not play it as a game.

  5. It's a good city sandbox. But not on the level of Big Rigs. But still.

  6. Sursurk says:

    Melee combat in this game was awesome

  7. Yikith says:

    You forgot to mention the new police side missions in the main game, or random police missions….whichever you prefer to call them.

  8. "This game does have shooting, but it's very sparse." You played the latter half of the game, right?

  9. alienxmz says:

    I'm shocked that theres no sleeping dogs 2, huge missed opportunity. instead they tried that stupid open world sleeping dogs game that NOBODY WANTED and now we have nothing.

  10. Adrian Rogue says:

    the only thing this game messed up at was the size of the map :/

  11. Alex Shpunt says:

    Waiting for Mafia 1

  12. Yeah, I've been wanting to play this one for a while but I never see the XBox 360 version on sale at thrift stores. Maybe I'll bite the bullet and get it from EB Games (re: Gamestop in Canada) if it's not a ridiculous price for a, what, 5-year old game?

  13. Bigruss88 says:

    I love the wedding part or ceremony part with the white suits that shit got real!!! miss this game it just sits on my shelf now but it's a good game.

  14. Hey Stan, what happened to a lot of your videos from the 2007-2011 playlist? Those were my favourites and a LOT of them seem to be missing now. I miss your Darkstone review 😛

  15. 2112dorf says:

    As soon as you mentioned Fighting Force, I looked it up and it looks like an awesome beat-em-up game. I love those, such as Double Dragon, Rise To Honor, True Crime: Streets Of LA, Captain America (Xbox 360), and countless others. I even enjoy Bruce Lee on the the original Xbox (while every magazine hated it). I've owned Sleeping Dogs since it was released, yet never played it much because although I really like the fighting, the rest of the stuff gets in the way. I wish they had a mode where you can select an environment, number of enemies, weapons, and just clean everyone's clock.

  16. Terry 309 says:

    Chin is a killer machine… oops wrong game!

  17. I like how he reviews older games. Reviewers nowadays only care about what's new, sometimes I want to know people's opinions on certain games that aren't new.

  18. nybb65 says:

    Why is he titling like the videos like that?"

  19. LMAO love u Stan, but this wasnt supposed to be a new Streets of Rage. It was True Crime 3: Streets of Hong Kong.

  20. Hate the fucking codes hacking it like letting a wasp sting you in the dick

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