SEGA Explains Why Sonic Boom Was So Bad – IGN News

Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric and its 3DS counterpart Shattered Crystal failed to set the world on fire when the pair of Nintendo exclusives launched last year. This has led SEGA to call into question the viability of the franchise, including whether or not we’ll see any more solo adventures staring SEGA’s blue mascot.

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20 thoughts on “SEGA Explains Why Sonic Boom Was So Bad – IGN News”

  1. Blaque Link says:

    Sonic boom shattered crystals. Very shattered.

  2. Blaque Link says:


  3. shortest news report

  4. was so bad it still is bad show and games

  5. Sonic adventure 3=Profit

  6. let me help you all out remake sonic adventure battle 2 and add online support. GG make money

  7. I hope that Sega uses older character design after Sonic Boom in other Sonic games.

  8. quakebox says:

    Alot of "Sonic Fail" happened lately anything wrong.

  9. The idea that a solo Sonic game would not work is so asinine. If that former producer says that they failed because they over extended, why does the future plan involve adding to the game? I'm astounded at this display of idiocy. The GBA Sonic games were 2d and by far surpass whatever came after. "Yeah, let's make some multiplayer Sonic Werewolf game! Where you can move really slow and shoot guns. That's gotta be what everyone wants." It's not like Sonic didn't already have a Super Sonic transformation…

    This franchise needs the 20XX treatment.

  10. Lukas Jampen says:

    too ambitious? interesting story? what the hell are they talking about? Did I even play the correct game?

    ryse of lyric was an unfinished by the numbers plattformer with more glitches and worse performance than ride to hell. Story bland annoying characters that never shut up and always state the obvious like:
    Sonic saying "those are ramps"
    followed by tails adding "we can use them as ramps"
    you gotta be kidding me.

  11. The redisgns were also fails

  12. Kid Splash says:

    You could make sonic adventure 3 or not make knuckles a dumbass and keep his design the same

  13. I like how this was recommended to me because Game Grumps

  14. Jairo L. says:

    Sega does what Nintendon't

    (shitty games)

  15. no it didnt the co-op in boom wasnt good… why not let like the people who made ratchet and clank or jax and daxtar work on a sonic game? how epic would that be

  16. Jorge Ortiz says:

    Let's just hope Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice gets it right this time.

  17. Oh I see. They're trying to do that Super Mario 3D World thing. But it failed and create something even worse than Sonic 06.

  18. m k says:

    Sega i just wanna roll around at the speed of sound. How hard is that to make, i don't want puzzles and fighting

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