San Diego Comic Con 2017: Exclusive Access & Interviews – IGN Live (7/21)

We are live from San Diego Comic-Con, bringing you live celebrity interviews, full show floor access and up to the minute news. The stream starts on 7/21 @ 3pm PT.

Today’s schedule below. Times and interviews are subject to change:

03:00p Comic-Con 2017 Live Show Day Two
03:05p Doomsday clock w/ Geoff Johns from DC
03:10p Marvel’s The Defender Interview
03:15p Lego Ninjago Interview
03:25p Hasbro Exclusives
03:30p Outlander Interview
03:45p Super Mario Odyssey Demo – 3:45
03:55p Cosplay Round Up Part 2
04:00p Krypton Interview
04:10p Call of Duty WWII/Zombies Interview
04:25p WWE Interview
04:30p American Gods Interview
04:40p Marvel’s the Punisher Interview
04:50p My Hero Academia Interview
04:55p IGN reacts: SNES Mini
05:00p Rick and Morty Interview
05:05p Recoil Laser Tag w/ Jason Mewes
05:10p IGN reacts: Middle Earth: Shadow of War
05:15p The 100 Interview
05:20p The Gifted Activation
05:25p The American Way Interview
05:35p DC Comic Batman Roundup
05:40p The Tick…


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20 thoughts on “San Diego Comic Con 2017: Exclusive Access & Interviews – IGN Live (7/21)”

  1. esme squalor says:

    bob and eliza are so cute

  2. Bob: I love the new group
    Eliza: *salty* Oh okay.
    Bob: I hate the new group.

    I love them sm.

  3. Follow me on Cosmunity and I'll follow back! Everyone needs to get it, especially after this weekend. (It's a social network for cosplayers/con attendees for those of you who don't know)

  4. Nicole A says:

    theYre comiNg baCk oN uNity dAy? that's literally the only significant day in the 100

  5. Peter Ng says:

    My Hero Academia S2 haven't finish out yet and English version is coming?!……..

  6. God I love Bob soooo much, it just hurts…

  7. Jiayi Tang says:

    will they come back on UNITY DAY????

  8. Potates says:

    IGN could you please line up all the parts with times? Thanks.

  9. Queen Jucy says:

    what is the the timing for the 100 interview ?!!??!!??

  10. mia says:

    Bob and Eliza are so cute!!
    Lindsey is flawless as always

  11. beliza 😍😍love lindsey too can't forget a goddess can i ?

  12. AlphaBob says:

    Bob, Eliza and Lindsey  ❤❤❤

  13. Afold Hilter says:

    Can some God in human form put time stamps in the comments

  14. Manny Young says:

    Hey where's the It interview that was listed in this video?

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