RPG Maker Fes Review – Create your own RPG on 3DS

RPG Maker Fes is the latest addition to the RPG Maker Series, a DIY game development software that allows you to create any sort of adventure. RPG Maker Fes is the first English portable version in the series, releasing on the 3DS in June of 2017. Can it compare to its PC counterparts? Let’s find out.

Thanks for watching everyone! Let me know what you think. I don’t do reviews very often, but I really enjoy making them.

A download code for RPG Maker Fes was provided by the publisher for review purposes.

♫ Music: All of the music in this video is from Bulby https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz6zvgkf6eKpgqlUZQstOtQ ♫

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20 thoughts on “RPG Maker Fes Review – Create your own RPG on 3DS”

  1. Game Taco says:

    This is a little different than what I usually review and content I create, but I figured I'd give it a shot. The free RPG Maker Player app is on the 3DS eshop, just search for RPG Maker and it will show up. I didn't upload my experiment yet, but I'll edit this comment when I do.

  2. time to try to make a dark souls rpg.:D

  3. Hash Pants says:

    great review, as a longtime RPG Maker creator you hit on almost all of the old gripes I had back when I was mega into making RPGs (around 1998-2007). Subscribed!

  4. Yooooooooo, so I don't have to buy the game to play other people's rpgs??? That's incredible!!!!! He said that right??

  5. Claus says:

    Rpg Maker Player won't fill the hole, but i'll still play it atleast

  6. Nido Hime says:

    Even if they customizable features are a joke I still buy it, I want to make a village full of weird NPCs with funny dialogues.

  7. This game isn't free, it's 40 bucks. What is free is the player app.

  8. Kaze King says:

    when I saw "fes" I thought it meant fire emblem style. but I was wrong. still don't l know what it stands for.

  9. who noticed the Mario Odyssey song?

  10. thank for this review! I really curious about this one, its a little sad that its don't have a sprite create or some thing like this, you cant import sprites can you? anyway, maybe I download the player, I really like to play small RPG makers dumb games (because… I'm dumb..)

    if its cheap I can give a try…

    keep up the good job bro!

  11. ik b25 says:

    I hope sprite editor comes in an update or Ill stick with rpg maker ps1

  12. where is your game I couldn't find it 😛

  13. I loved RPG maker and made a 18+ version right away hehe

  14. Chase CZ says:

    how much blocks does the RPG Maker Fes have?

  15. I heard 1 up girl in the background! 😂

  16. Focie says:

    I was thinking that the limitations of this game maker makes it feel like you'd see a lot of games that just… look the exact same. There doesn't seem to be enough variation, no custom sprites to add, nothing that makes YOUR game stand out from all the others. I'm not saying this is bad, just a limitation. It could be fantastic for a creative outlet, but it seems very niche.

  17. ArmanAnime42 says:

    ''im gonna make a game inspired by monster hunter'' soooo is this game gonna be 500 gig and take 2 years to be made?

  18. PartyPickle says:


  19. Rikku Freak says:

    okay when does it release?

  20. marcel heida says:

    are you gonna cover ever oasis? i heard it had combat that feels like that of monster hunter

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