Robocop PC Game Review

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After almost ten years spent in gaming purgatory after seeing off the Terminator on Mega Drive and SNES, officer Murphy is returning to his console stomping grounds once again. Breaking away from the 2D, third-person styling of previous titles, the French developer has brought the might of New Detroit’s finest not only into the third dimension, but into a first person shooter.

Taking the first Robocop movie as its inspiration, the story revolves around a new drug in town – Brain Drain – and the kids are causing havoc for an armful of their next hit. Taking on the city’s main supplier, Robocop finds a conspiracy that stretches to the top of the OCP and beyond. This is not your usual drug,…


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20 thoughts on “Robocop PC Game Review”

  1. I need you to tone down your language, that's offensive.

  2. Jolly Stuxxy says:

    A GTA-style Robocop!


  3. azz666 says:

    A good Robocop game wants Deus Ex style gameplay.

  4. Gambit771 says:

    I was under the impression the megadrive was called the genesis only in America and certainly not in a British pal territory.

  5. Nick Barratt says:

    I'm fairly sure this was based on the Amiga version from about 1990.

  6. Andrew Vrba says:

    I actually played this turd. So glad Titus is dead and buried.

  7. I played the gamecube version via the dolphin vr emulator. The game sucks but was kinda cool to play Robocop vr. The 2014 reboot movie is pure ass.

  8. logan doe says:

    So there's dumb enemies, and some can kill you in one hit. It was made for console. You also can't dodge enemy fire. This game is basically red faction but with better grfx and some actual style.

  9. I was working at a game store at the time of the XBOX version's release and took a copy home for a night. Well.. that was a night I was never getting back. Absolutely terrible game. I suppose a benefit the PC version has at the very least is keyboard and mouse support, heh. Total trash otherwise though.

  10. JW says:

    Wanna be careful mate the ex may get excited!

  11. CCFi99 says:

    Given RoboCops agility I think a shooter would be terrible either way.

  12. Gerald Flynn says:

    I always wanted this game for ps2! kind of glad I could never find it now haha

  13. Doodleman says:

    You finally show you're fucking face you bloke now do SKYRIM

  14. +Gggmanlives Out of curiosity, what state do you live in?

  15. Daniel Moose says:

    You should try and get your hands on a game called Devastation, i played it when i was younger and loved it.
    I can't find it anywhere now tho and i would love to hear your take on it!

  16. Ryan says:

    Where's my open world Judge Dredd game where I can roll around on the bike, chase cars down and incendiary mode whole apartment towers of thugs.

  17. Hey buddy Are You Pc Gamer?.Its a awesome new game free to play now !

  18. I remember this game. All you can do is walk & shoot. Got so bored, couldn't finish it. Who ever finished it must have been REALLY BORED. LOL!!!

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