Welcome to my review on the PC version of RIVE: Wreck Hack Die and Retry! How will RIVE fare against the Voltage-Review? Is RIVE good, or is RIVE bad? Should you buy and play RIVE? Decide for yourself and enjoy the RIVE review. ^w^
►Click below to see how is the VOLTAGE-score calculated:

It’s actually very simple. The game is given points across 7 different categories. Visuals, Overall Story, Level Design, Timescale, Audio, Gameplay and Enjoyment.
For every category, the game is capable of scoring 0 points, half a point or a full point.

0 points= There are too many flaws, or the subject is completely missing from the game.
0,5 points= I think the game did well enough, but not good enough to receive a full volt point. Some flaws are present which are important enough to stop the game from receiving the full point.
1 point= I’m really satisfied with how the game did in this category. Little to no remarks and a well deserved point.

After the points for the different categories…


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