Reviews – Path of Exile (PC)


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16 thoughts on “Reviews – Path of Exile (PC)”

  1. Yeah I can't stand it either.

  2. SupaChigga says:

    Nice review. Thankfully, the steam controller I have solved the problem of playing this game with a controller. I recommend it if you ever revisit Path of Exile.

  3. 1Mirar1 says:

    You might want to take a look at this game again as soon as it is released for XBOX one. There is no fixed date right now as far as i know, but there already exists a trailer for the XBOX version.

  4. laos85 says:

    too fast talking

  5. Jaden Hall says:

    Subbed this review was helpful.

  6. Cowie Gizit says:

    Very professional review

  7. Excellent review. Getting ready to play this.

  8. BONGA TUBE says:

    Thanks for the super informative review bud. Looking forward to getting stuck into it when the Steam download finishes!

  9. Nico Bernal says:

    Like your reviews man, you should check out Pillars of Eternity if you haven't already. It might be right up your alley.

  10. Aaron says:

    Why do younger that annoying map up? Especially for a review. You can't see half the shit on screen and almost ruins the entire review

  11. I stumbled upon this on Steam today and i thought ill give it a go. I loved Diablo

  12. Dark Western says:

    Uploader immediately establishes his status as a noob of the game. +Points.
    Forgot Scion class, but this is unlocked later, so no points deducted.
    Shuts off global chat because it's cancerous. +Points.
    Honors resemblances to Diablo II. +MajorPoints.

    Well done, you deserve more subs, consider my a part of your army.

  13. I haven't played it yet but it looks awesome. Right up my alley. Very nice man

  14. ChibiBiscuit says:

    And thanks for the shout out! One piece of critique that I just noticed – right now, the twitter icon, as well as the link are at the very bottom of the video, so when you go to click it, the Youtube overlay comes up and covers 75% of it. it might be handy to bump it up a little so that when you do go to click the link, it's fully above the overlay. ^_^

  15. ChibiBiscuit says:

    Holy crap, someone who remembers Mario Paint and the fly game!

  16. Toddypkc says:

    I was literally just about to say this reminds me a lot of Diablo 2. well done

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