Review: Trine 2 for the PS3

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7 thoughts on “Review: Trine 2 for the PS3”

  1. is the full game out for ps3 yet?

  2. Its coming out on the PS4, I might get it.  Nice to see what its like on the PS3

  3. superfun64 says:

    For Red eyes, Clear eyes.

  4. @Starfox1711
    That maybe so but I bet my pc with its low to mid end 550ti card would still look leaps and bounds ahead of the WiiU

  5. Balzak802 says:

    Game looks to be superior to the first one but that's saying a lot since the first one was still a really great game with what I played. Will especially pick this up when it's on sale since this generation of gaming has been really lacking any platformers.

  6. Nice review! The visuals look great and the gameplay looks like a lot of fun!

  7. This game is ruly amazing , one of the best games i played in 2011!!

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