Review: Hisense H43M3000 4K Smart TV (UK version) as PC monitor

My long awaited followup to the unboxing and first impressions of the Hisense H43M300 4K Smart TV (UK version) as PC monitor. To use this and any 60Hz 4K TV to it’s fullest potential you have to have fully HDMI 2.2 capable video source and a high bandwitdth lead of 18Gbs or higher. Links below.
Uptab HDMI 2.2 to Display port:

Uptab HDMI 2.2 to Mini Display port:

Uptab HDMI 2.2 to USB 3.1 C:

Hisense H43M300 4K Smart Freeview TV:…


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20 thoughts on “Review: Hisense H43M3000 4K Smart TV (UK version) as PC monitor”

  1. Jorge Filipe says:

    Can you please check if there is any ghosting moving a black cube on a white background? Thanks!

  2. Hody 72 says:

    I am using a Sony KDL42W705B as my PC main monitor and for Xbox One Gaming. I want to buy the Xbox X (Scorpio) in November. I was wondering if it makes sense to upgrade the TV too. I am sitting very close to the PC and the Xbox around 50cm / 20inches. Was wondering how especially fonts and forum and such will look on that high resolution in regards of readability.

  3. Pards S says:

    Doea this have HDR 10?

  4. A GG says:

    does it support HDR guys?

  5. So what about the input lag and plays in 1080? thanks.

  6. if i have a 4k tv to use it with pc can I turn down the resloution down to 1080p ? without have letter box thingy ?

  7. CJ Oppies says:

    4K PS4 pro HDR input lag test please?????

  8. Could you please confirm that it is 4K@60 4:4:4?

    You are usign it as a PC monitor… did you felt the input lag?

  9. DeatheCore says:

    Hey man, could you please give me your thoughts on this. I live in South Africa and almost every TV we get has a completely different naming scheme, so I have no idea if it will be the same as UK or US models.

    Do you think this is the same TV?

    Hisense really need to include more information and firmware on their websites :/

  10. jasper fatty says:

    i just picked up this TV …WOW! ..i was very Impressed.

  11. Dewi-G- says:

    have you (or anyone else for that matter) managed to get the HDR function working with this TV and a PC??

    I am running a 980Ti and cant for the life of me figure out how to get it to change to HDR mode…. HELP!

  12. thebaconman says:

    thank you for this video now im buying this tv

  13. gil sela says:

    did you notice a bit of dark area at the right side of the tv near the edge?

  14. Does anybody know about HDR 8-bit FRC process implemented? I can't find news on the web, just someone here stated it currently has this feature. Thanks.

  15. Dan Lawrance says:

    I just overclocked this TV to 120 HZ @1080p it plays exactly like my old gaming monitor now!! Amazing bit of kit. Try it mate

  16. David Riley says:

    Can you  get the Plex app on this TV?

  17. jason sen says:

    Great reviews you've really helped me with my decision, going for the 49" it's coming Thursday. One question- what are the black levels like, and the viewing angles? Ok that's 2 lol

  18. Hi

    Can you please help me locate a compatible soundbar to finish my set up of the TV. Really struggling to find one atm. Any help would be appreciated 😎

  19. Dan Lawrance says:

    Just got this TV use it as a monitor for pc. which is great . Takes a while to get used to . I use it at 4k for desktop work and 1440p for gaming with a gtx 1070 as I would need 2 x 1080 or whatever for 4k gaming . HDR is working via HDMI now which I use for my ps4 pro . all works great. no input lag for gaming on pc or ps4 . great colours great sharpness. 290 quid bargain.

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