Razer Sabertooth Gaming Controller — XBOX 360, PC (CES 2013)

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This is a quick look at the Razer Sabertooth gaming controller. Razer’s newest controller improves on it’s previous offerin the Onza by adding a number of user programmable buttons. The Razer Sabertooth will work on either the XBOX 360 or PC (including the brand new Razer Edge gaming tablet). Stay tuned for full coverage from CES 2013.


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20 thoughts on “Razer Sabertooth Gaming Controller — XBOX 360, PC (CES 2013)”

  1. The Man 42 says:

    I'm watching this in 2016

  2. Indskab says:

    Stop wasting your time, this is just a knock off and its not good for gaming PC! Just buy a PS4 and relax yourself!

  3. Sintra says:

    My cousin has this.

  4. will this work for mac

  5. Blitz Edits says:

    I have to hold mine in a certain way soo it wont disconnect. every time I place it on a table it disconnects. some one pls tell mewhats wrong

  6. Maddie gipps says:

    Looks like an xbox1 controller

  7. best gaming controller ever created

  8. Dragon_Gold says:

    First off, ther are 6 extra buttons. The triggers on the back can go up and down. And the button on the right of the led screen does more than what you told us. Thanks for the shoddy video.

  9. karina ramos says:

    I have the controller and it's awesome

  10. Lee M says:

    Does it work with all pc games? I've found some games that don't recognize my xbox controller

  11. how can i make it work for windows 8?

  12. xWiR3D says:

    buy it its the best controller

  13. My uncle got one last week

  14. ZACHABOB says:

    It won't, the plug thing isn't there.

  15. ObedientCat8 says:

    does anyone know if the chatpad will plug into it

  16. @Goddamnitj, so, the Onza was only $23?

  17. Its a Mac, what to you think!

  18. Ferosly says:

    You should do an unboxing on the SCUF HYBRID

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