Rayman Legends – Eye of the Tiger Trailer

Introducing a new Rayman Legends musical level! Think you’ve heard ‘Eye of the Tiger’? Try ‘Mariachi Madness’ on for size!

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20 thoughts on “Rayman Legends – Eye of the Tiger Trailer”

  1. Lil' Lemon says:

    On a different video it had this level in it and I thought that roar was eye of the tiger and I said it wasn't this because I didn't hear eye of the tiger when I said that

  2. GogoSato says:

    I just realized that this is the only music level without any of those eye statue things scattered everywhere.

  3. Mehul Rathod says:

    Today's gaming company should take lessons from Ubisoft.

  4. Lol this ain't a trailer, it's a whole level. I know I played the whole game

  5. this looks like way too much for my simple, slow self

  6. Frame Flash says:

    Michel Ancel is my hero. 😀

  7. i had some creepy person who was obsessed with rayman constantly stalk and harrass me, so ill never like rayman or anything related to rayman ever


  9. This is my favorite game!

  10. Le Bro says:

    eye of the spider

  11. Smash1625 says:

    Am I the only one that when playing the level thought this sounded familiar?

  12. FIPRO says:

    люблю такие игры выпусти ещё пожалуйста

  13. Eye of the Tiger?More like:¡El ojo del tigre!

  14. I'm just getting into video games, and I really, really enjoyed this one when I rented it. Haven't had that much fun on a console in years.

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