Rainbow Six Siege – Before You Buy

Rainbow Six Siege (PS4, Xbox One, PC) is here! Is it worthy of the Tom Clancy name, or just another multiplayer only cash-in? Let’s talk about it!
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20 thoughts on “Rainbow Six Siege – Before You Buy”

  1. Paul Lam says:

    can you cross play xb1 and pc between rainbow six siege

  2. AX5 Gunner says:

    Battlefront was great so stfu

  3. Its an good game, i died alot but its fun

  4. Seabass says:

    make a second before you buy, its completely different, and the price isnt bad anymore in fact its great for 15 bucks. I think it deserves a second chance

  5. Wasn't kidding either Rainbow Six Siege is the best I put it over betta it was the best

  6. I was just kidding Rainbow Six Siege is the best you know game

  7. Cute that's your complaints not ours we love it Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

  8. dark knight says:

    When I first got the game I played the first situation game and I thought this game sucked because you can't regen health ( and I hated it because I died a lot) but soon I started enjoying it Annnd then I got addicted

  9. TamPeR puto says:

    I got it for 20$ 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  10. Quan o says:

    This game is better than ever now

  11. Sketchy Nut8 says:

    Lol, now you can get this for $10 at game stop 😂

  12. Stone Muzza says:

    This game is £15 now so this I am getting

  13. landon J says:

    I just got rainbow i loved it

  14. 1:28 that is an example of when you should lean

  15. I bought it yesterday❤

  16. Mabast Yasin says:

    can you play rainbow six saige 2 player

  17. Alex Moreno says:

    Do You Need Playstation Plus For The PS4?

  18. Rafeh Kamal says:

    Bought it in 2017, 20$ 😂😂

  19. ldank says:

    this game is overrated from 10 yr olds

  20. Zekemike 12 says:

    who's here in 2017 hating Operation Health

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