Race Driver:Grid IGN Review

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20 thoughts on “Race Driver:Grid IGN Review”

  1. ALI Mehboob says:

    I was Grid 2 was as good as this game

  2. TheRooKon says:

    It's like £6 now 😀

  3. I lov this game, I jus hate the low variety n cars. Idc if it'd arcade,simulator n wont say it sucks bc of that. If the game is fun, playable and interesting why argue its dum. Forza n grid r the best racers I played

  4. I drive a car in real life too because I wan't to feel the steering and the speed…Its easy for me because I live in town near the countryside.If you want to know such a games like shift, shift 2, gt5, forza 4 I have tried and they are great sim games.The grid in my opinion , even if its arcade its still harder than those games.All of those games are good + I'm good at driving in real life and in games , so bitch please – fuck off or get a life…instead of calling others kids.

  5. Because you can't play it well XD.Everybody says it sucks who are driving bad.Its very hard if you played games like nfs , burnout and others…But if you not suck at driving there is no reason to hate this game (Exept if you are multiplayer fanboy).This game is briliant.It is arcade mixed with simulation which gives tons of fun.

  6. The game was AWESOME. Make a second part Codemasters!

  7. U r a bunch of gays at IGN

  8. Michael Dao says:

    I play burnout paradise, and I play grid. I find both to be fantastic… when I wanna feel skillful realistically, I play grid and drift. When I want to just speed up to over 9000 mph and drift like a boss for those burnout routes. Then BURNOUT PARADISE IS THE WAY TO GO. Either way, they're both good. :3

  9. Grid is a fucking master piece

  10. @64578Z dude, burnout's as arcadey as it gets. it's not meant for simulation seekers, it's just about plain fun.

  11. 22dab95 says:

    @saskid100 The game is great. You just have to get used to the steering. You shouldn't have been lazy and give up on getting used to the sensitive handling. It took me a week to get the handling and steering right. That week was tough, but now, it's one of my favorite games.

  12. I got this game for £2.74 and i am glad i only paid that. It's awful.

  13. DragonDoper says:


  14. ApexPred4tor says:

    they shouldnt have copied the dirt physics,
    its kinda unreal

  15. dude this guy is really really bad at racing i'm pretty sure you aren't supposed to slam the hell out of the opponents….

  16. skittnazzz says:


  17. atyabbaig says:

    @jackjones1066 nascar

  18. Pocketzszs says:

    @marcosfan90 i gotta say forzas is the most accurate because the car may not look messed up but it really is, u can ruin a car going 30kmh it happens all the time on the streets it doesn't take much to mess up a car

  19. Nick Gakis says:

    best racing game . nfs shift and forza do have damage mode but you have to crash it 3-4 times ( when i mean crush i mean , i mean understeer and crash into a wall ) and then the cars has signs of damage , where in grid if you do that your car will be destroyed

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